Nitecore P16 Complete Teardown

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Nitecore P16 Complete Teardown

I got a used Nitecore P16 from my friend, it’s functioning well and the only observable imperfections is a dent on the bezel and another one on the tail cap. I have used it for a while and it throws pretty well for it’s size and the emitter it has (XM-L2 Cool White). But I feel bored easily and I always want different experiences… I tried to dissamble the head, but my first attempt yielded no success.
Thanks to Cereal_killer ‘s suggestions on how to take a Nitecore light apart, I made a second attempt today and I succeeded!
Let’s jump into the process!

The bezel can be taken off by screwing anticlockwise, the AR coated lens then comes off easily. I used a bamboo toothpick to get the o-ring out, the reflector will then fall out as well. The o-ring sits between the reflector and the lens, fitting into the reflector’s recession and surrounding it. To my surprise the reflector is not metal, but some sort of plastic (maybe it works better? I’m not an expert in this area).

I unscrewed the single screw securing the MCPCB onto the unibody “pill”, then I desoldered the terminals. The MCPCB has a slightly different terminal positions and shape compared to standard 20mm stars, but similar in size. The MCPCB seems to be aluminium.

I soldered wires to the battery side outer ring of the driver as a pulling handle. I also used the poke method from the LED side hole in conjunction to the pull method. After several fairly hard pulls and a few broken wires, it finally came out. I kinda damaged the side switch cover, but it still functions.
Here is a photo of the “pill”

The driver diameter is around 23.65mm

It takes either 1× 18650 or 2x CR123s, so I assume that it’s a buck driver. Also, no PWM in all modes.

There is a horizontal top board and a vertical board in the middle.

Here is the bottom of the driver with the spring removed

The spring has physical reverse polarity protection.

The side switch when pressed.

Here is the tailcap dissambly.

A photo of all of the components…

I’m still thinking what driver/ LED (probably high CRI with reasonable output) should I install in this light, any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

Umm, I want lumens but I want CRI too...

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