New to building lights, want some specific parts recommendations

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New to building lights, want some specific parts recommendations

So I’m looking to put together a Weapon Mounted Light (WML) on the cheap. I’m a fairly clever guy, I’ve done some delicate work with my hands, (DIY Gunsmithing and Kydex) and I think I’ve got the hands for putting together a one off electronic project.

The only trouble is I’m a little out of my depth when it comes to the specific combinations of parts I’ll be needing for my project.

I’m no stranger to flashlight specs in general, (Lumens, IPX Ratings, reflector even emitter types), but I figured instead of winging it, I’d consult with the professional geeks first. That said, I have read some Flashlight wiki so I know I’m going to need a switch, a pill, a host and a driver.

(The site I’m looking at is, that’s where I intend to get all my parts from. It’d be much appreciated if you could reference specific parts from that site)

On to the specifics of what I want to build:

-IPX Rating high enough to resist rain at the very least

-Lumens of at least 250, though I’d defintely take more. I might even be open to overdriving an LED since I never intend to have it on for more than 5 seconds at any given time. So heat is not a concern.

-Momentary-On ONLY

-Compact and light.

-Either 18650 or CR123 based

From what I’ve read I’ll probably make it potted to add durability, since I’m not worried about heat.

Thanks for your time

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