Lii-402: Same way to fix the high cut-off voltage?

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Lii-402: Same way to fix the high cut-off voltage?

As many of you know, the Liitokala chargers are very budget-friendly chargers but they bring a little too high cut-off voltage while charging (around 4,22-4,25V) with them.

Following this thread I already fixed this at my Lii-100s. Now that I have ordered a BLF Q8 and need to charge more batterys, I’m wondering if you can do the same mod on the Lii-402? Some users say it has the same charge voltage as the Lii-100. Has anybody disassembled the charger already and is able to help me?


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I tested a few pieces Lii-100, Lii-S1, Lii-202, Lii-402.

Using a low-resistance battery (eg. VTC5/VTC6) and then charging only 1 battery at a time, then as fast as is possible (I have to manually check when the charger has just charged the battery to “full”), then immediately remove the battery and test the voltage with a DMM (using a Fluke 117).

Lii-100 and Lii-S1 : (I’ll have to find my notes, but I remember they tend to charge at a higher voltage, somewhere from 4.22-4.24v)

Lii-202: Left slot: 4.169-4.185v Right slot: 4.203-4.219v (comment: the left slot is always below 4.20v, while the right slot is always a bit higher than 4.20v)

Lii-402 #1: from left to right: 4.206v – 4.214v – 4.208v – 4.214v
Lii-402 #2: from L to R: 4.211v – 4.228v – 4.211v – 4.211v

Based on my limited samples and experience, the Lii-402 and Lii-202 overcharges less than the Lii-100 or Lii-S1.

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Do you really think 2 - 3 centivolts is that much of a big deal?

If you do really care about cell cycle life you should reduce the maximum charging voltage quite a bit more, as much as well below 4V (14/15 Vmax or 3.92V for 4.2Vmax cells) for maximum cycle life.

There are slot Vout resistor divider mods available for the Lii-100:

How to fix high charge voltage in Liitokala Lii-100 and how to make lower charge currents

Also, DC/DC CC/CV modules are super cheap and readily available at eBay/AliExpress and other sources.


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Y’all crack me up with the “within/over spec” thing.

Do the math on battery cycles and you will probably find that you will not hit the 500 cycle mark of most batteries before you get rid of them or not use them near as much because new technology will make them an also ran.
You will be buying the latest greatest before the life of the battery is used up regardless of whether it is charged at 4.25v or 4.15v

And testing the voltage 2 seconds after it comes off the charger is just silly. The battery needs a few minutes to settle before an accurate repeatable reading should be made.
And within 10 seconds of firing up your favorite flashlight it will be below 4.20 volts anyway, Big deal, no really.
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