Lumintop GT Mini - Mini Thrower!

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Lumintop GT Mini - Mini Thrower!

Hello my friends today I’ll share with you about flashlight of the throw “Lumintop GT mini”. Thanks for Neal Zhang sent this great gift for me via a giveaway. Talk about the flashlight later, what impresses me the most about this man is how to pack the product. Our flashlight is packed very carefully and it shows the mind to the customer, mind with each of his products. That to me is the most important. I know I will always get the perfect product when bought from him. I will post link his website under the video, you can find your favorite flashlight and many accessories for it that you can hardly find on any other website.

Now comes our flashlight. The box design is quite simple and beautiful not much information is printed on the box.

Inside the box is a warranty card, 1 letter of thanks from the manufacturer, 2 spare O-ring, 1 beautiful lanyard, 1 warning card.

Our flashlight is wrapped in sponge very carefully I like this meticulous of the manufacturer.

A user manual. On the user manual there is a link that leads us to the world’s largest flashlight forum. It’s great that our flashlight based on the model BLF GT and the original design team.

A mini version thrower runs on a single 18650 cell, the tiny size allows it much convenient for carrying and one-handed control.And a support topic dedicated to our flashlight on forums such as FAQs, video tutorials and lots of useful information.By adopting the Cree XPL High Intensity LED, it emits a maximum output that exceeds 1200 lumens and a beam distance over 750 meters.

Default button illuminated back-light while off, easily locate the flashlight in the dark.Instance 2.5A Tubor mode is also provided. The user manual says that the flashlight will work at 4.5A at certain modalities. I have a reference on forum on the 2.5A is optimized for light intensity as well as battery life. Increasing the consumption of higher currents does not make the flashlight much brighter, but the energy that is converted into heat, whether used or not, is up to you.

IP68 rated protection, water resistant up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 2 meters, and protect it totally from harmful dust. Aluminum with type III hard-coat anodizing, provides stability when used in harsh environments. The glass with AR coating.

The flashlight bulb can not be removed because the company has poured a layer of glue to prevent water and also ensure a stable. Flashlight are fine. The shell is thick and the lace is very beautiful and lubricated.Flashlight use smooth reflector for more throw.

Benzel is made with several cut lines to help protect and destroy glass more effectively.

Double springs to avoid power losses make the flashlight easy to achieve maximum power. Flashlights do not work with low voltage batteries so you will be assured that your battery is protected from damage when over voltage is allowed. The two-spring design not only makes the lamp more compatible with many types of batteries but also increases the impact and shock resistance when mounted on a gun.

The recommended battery is a high-discharge battery such as Samsung, Pana, Sony or LG. Selling batteries will not include batteries you should prepare a good battery. The flashlight will shift from the highest brightness level to the lower light level when the lamp temperature reaches 60 celsius degree. The continuous turbo run time ranges from 3 to 5 minutes. If you need a tubor that can be open again, I do not recommend it. Lights that work too long at high temperatures will affect the life of the lamp. The weight of the flashlight is 150g not including battery, size is 50mm x 132mm is small and light to carry. Price range is 40$ easy to access for a stable operation flashlight, intelligent software interface.

The flashlight runs on the famous NarsilM 1.2 firmware. You will have a lot more experience exploring than just turning on a normal flashlight. This experience is amazing. The default user interface is Smooth ramping. I will share with you a little bit about this interface.

- Turn the GT mini ON: single-click the button, GT mini turns ON using the previously used light output level
- Ramp light level: press&hold button. Reverse ramp: while ramping in one direction, release button briefly and press&hold again When pressed, the light flashes to indicate that the maximum brightness level has been activated.
- Instant Turbo: double-click
- Strobes: double-click for TURBO, and then double-click again (Use single-clicks to cycle forward through the different types of strobes, but you have to be quick: If resting on a strobe longer than 1.2 s it locks in and the next single click is OFF. Press&hold at any time to cycle backwards through the strobes)
- The strobe mode is quite or it is applied in the self-defense with this user interface. Accessing the strobe feature is a bit difficult to navigate through the Mod-set interface. The Mod – set strobe interface will be activated by press&hold.
- In strobe mode you can return to ramping mode at any time by press&hold
- Battery status: triple-click (3 blinks, a short pause, then 6 blink would indicate 3.6 V average per cell, for example)
- Electronic lock-out: four clicks to disable the GT mini, same to re-enable the lamp. To lock the flashlight when used in the bag to avoid accidental light on
- MOMENTARY mode: five clicks (loosen and re-tighten the tail-cap to return to normal operation). Helps you activate the highest brightness level by pressing once and off when not needed often used by the patrol force.
- MOON mode: from OFF: press the button and release as soon as the Lamp turns on. It is quite suitable when you go to the toilet at night. Strong light can cause you to lose sleep afterwards.

Thanks for reading

This is video for more information and picture:

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