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Schoki wrote:
Majoroverkill wrote:
It’s been almost a couple years now for the GT MICRO, Is there any plans for a possible GT MICRO PRO? I love my MICRO but it would be amazing to have this in the PRO lineup as well. Any thoughts Big Smile

What changes would you expect for the PRO version (regarding emitter and driver as well)?

I would like to see the OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG with the same Texas Avenger FET driver. I am not a builder so whatever the pros think but the OSRAM would give it a concordable increase in throw and output, it is a micro thrower. Big Smile

Doug S.

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Does anyone have measured Kcd numbers for gt micro osram w1.1?? how about amp draw? My micro osram outthrows my D1s!
thanks for any info.

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It seems my switch started acting up. Usually need two clicks to shut off, even five once, but sometimes it works ok. Any repair for this?

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I just received the Lumintop GT Micro Osram with the Vapecell H10 and am having switch issues as well. I emailed the vendor and waiting on a reply for the return. My light will come on by itself and changing modes the LED will blink sometimes and then change modes, other times it will go from high to low by itself. Other anomalies happen as well, it really is so inconsistent its impossible to write down everything that happens. My original GT micro has been rock solid.

Tom E
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The GT Micro has a 90 deg board mount switch, so one of the things that can go wrong is the switch tilts back, pulling off the PCB. It's happened to me with other lights, similar switches. This one looks pretty well secured but hard to tell, and hard to tell of the quality of the switch. The GT Micro is not cheap for it's size, so I would expect higher quality.

If it feels like the switch boot has to be pressed harder to make contact, then this may be the problem. I've seen it still function, just harder to press - taken apart, and the switch was tilted back.


GT Micro driver below: