[Review] - Jetbeam JET-II Pro Ti - XP-L HI, 510lm, 16340 - by Lock

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[Review] - Jetbeam JET-II Pro Ti - XP-L HI, 510lm, 16340 - by Lock

Hello everyone...today we will see the Jetbeam JET-II Pro Ti: a pocket EDC made entirely of titanium CNC machining, powered by a 16340 and able to deliver to the Turbo 510 lumens. The torch was supplied by Jetbeam specifically for the review.


At this link you can buy the product: Here!!



Packaging and content

The "Jetbeam JET-II Pro Ti" arrives in a small pack of hard cardboard. A transparent plastic window lets you see the torch inside. A layer of packing foam protects the JET-II Pro during transport. All the accessories are on the bottom of the box. The package includes:

• "Jetbeam JET-II Pro Ti" torch

• Belt clip

• Spare O-ring

• Wrist strap

• Self-defense bezel

• Flat Bezel

• Warranty Card

• User manual



Main features

•Annodized Titanium body


•Four different brightness levels, including a 0.5 lumen firefly model, and a defensive strobe

•Stainless steel self-defense bezel which is removable and reversible


•Output / Runtime: 1x 16340 battery:

    - High: 510 lumens/40 minutes

    - Medium: 100 lumens/90 minutes

    - Low: 5 lumens/15 hours 

    - Firefly: 0.5 lumens/150 hours

•Reflector: Orange-peel

•Lens: Coated mineral glass

•Beam intensity: 4800 cd

•Throw distance: 138 m/452.8 ft.

•Impact resistance: 1.5 m

•Weight: 1.68 oz/47.5 g (without battery)

•Length: 67,8 •Head Diameter: 23 mm

•Tail Diameter: 22.3 mm

•Accessories: Lanyard, Pocket clip, Removeable self-defense bezel


User Interface

The Jetbeam JET-II Pro has 4 levels of normal and a special brightness (Strobo) divided as follows:

High: 510lm (misurati 506lm) – 0.7h

Medium: 100lm (misurati 125lm) – 1.5h

Low: 5lm (misurati 8lm) – 15h

Ultra-Low: 0.5lm (misurati 0.7lm) – 150h

Strobo: 510lm (misurati 500lm)


The measured values are to be considered peak, taken in the moments immediately following the switch-on. Furthermore, all measures are made with non-professional tools and may therefore also be deviating from the real values.

The user interface is very simple: with a single click the light turns on or off.

When switched off, clicking on the button will access the last level used.

When the light is on, pressing the power button will cycle the High-Medium-Low levels.

With the light is on, a double click will allow direct access to the High level.

When the light is off, with a double click the torch enters Ultra Low Mode, with three clicks instead you access directly to the strobe.ù

The threads are not anodized therefore physical lockout is not possible. However, there is the possibility to electronically lock the torch keeping the switch pressed for about 3 seconds. Repeat the step to unlock it.

The discarge curve for "High" and "Medium" Level is shown below

[size=150][b][color=#800000][i]Body and Materials[/i][/color][/b][/size] The Jetbeam JET-II Pro Ti is a small and compact EDC made entirely of titanium. The processing is taken care of under every point of view realized with CNC technology. Aesthetically it is beautiful, rich in details and finishes, to the touch offers a nice feeling of solidity and strength.

The optical compartment consists of a CREE led XP-L Hi (decupulate) capable of delivering to the Turbo 510 lumens, a small parabola with orange peel finish and an ultra-clear mineral glass lens with anti-reflection treatment.

The light has a special bezel with an aggressive shape and which can be useful in emergency situations like a glass-breaker or as a tool for self-defense.

It can also be mounted in reverse, thus reducing the total length of the torch.

Alternatively, the second bezel supplied in the package can also be used.

The thicknesses are abundant, the weight is contained: less than 50g excluding the battery. The tailcap is flat and allows the torch tailstanding. Here there are holes for inserting the wrist strap. Furthermore, there are some compartments that allow the insertion of luminous tritium rods.

The head has deep dissipation fins that dissipate heat in an excellent way.

The side button is made of metal and features a beautiful spiral design. It offers excellent tactile feedback, is sensitive and very responsive. It is not very protruding, the stroke is short and is easily identifiable even in the dark

The Jetbeam / Niteye logo is engraved on the opposite side of the power button

The torch can only be disassembled into two parts: body and tailcap.

The body has a series of incisions and milling on almost all its surface. Everything is well done without any kind of imperfection.

The belt clip is also made of titanium. It is very thin and quite rigid. It is held in place by screwing the tailcap. Once installed, the clip will rest on the dissipation fins and its rotation will be prevented by the slightly protruding parts of the head.

At the negative pole we have a golden spring while at the positive pole a protruding button. The circuitry is visible.


Beam, Tint and Beamshots

The beam of the Jetbeam JET-II Pro Ti is classic EDC, narrow enough to reach the average distance and wide enough to illuminate perfectly in the immediate vicinity. There is a spot that is quite bright and distinguishable above all on the High level. The color is chilly but not sorry, uniform both on the spill and on the spot. Here are some shots at the Turbo


Beamshot #1


Beamshot #2


Beamshot #3


Final considerations

The Jetbeam JET-II Pro Ti is a well-made torch, with a particular and captivating design.

The body is worked with CNC technology so all the finishes are treated in detail.

I really like the particular self-defense bezel with an aggressive shape and a reversible occasion.

The user interface is simple, regulation is excellent. There is a true firefly level of only 0.5lm with a theoretical duration of 150h. Electronic lockout is possible, but not the physical lockout.

The tail is flat and has holes for tritium insertion. The clip is thin but robust.

Small, light and made of high quality materials. In short, this JET-II Pro Ti is a gem to keep on display.

Personally I liked it a lot and I was particularly pleased with it.

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Thanks for the review. Personally I would like to see rrt0se being produced again. That was great light.

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