[Review] - Jetbeam FL-12 3000K-5500K Fill Light, Powerbank, TypeC - by Lock

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[Review] - Jetbeam FL-12 3000K-5500K Fill Light, Powerbank, TypeC - by Lock

Hello everyone ... today we will see the Jetbeam FL-12: a LED panel for fill light with selectable color and powerbank function.The light was supplied by Jetbeam specifically for the review.

Here! you can buy it.



Main features

•Multi-function portable fill light

•Power bank function

•High brightness LED with long lifespan

•HD OLED display shows battery, brightness and colour temperature.

•Cold and Warm light switches.

•120 high quality LED bubbles. 60pcs for warm light and 60pcs for cold light

•Easy operation, one button on/off

•Built in 2600 mAh Li battery

•Advanced constant current technology, stable and energy-saving

•Max run time 21h

•Support charging both IPhone and Android phone by USB adaptor

•Borderless design provides bigger exposure range and no black edges

•Slim body with only 9.6 mm thickness

•Color temperature and brightness are adjustable

•Color temperature ranges from 3000k-5500k

•Brightness adjustable from 5%-100%

•Aluminum alloy body resistance to fall down and pressure and dust proof

•Double universal 1/4 screw holes can be mounted on the handle or tripod either horizontally or vertically.

•Max Beam intensity: 400cd

•Max Beam Distance: 40m

•Impact Resistance: 1m

•WaterProof: IPX0



Jetbeam FL-12 Fill Light

The FL-12 arrives in a white cardboard box with all its main features impressed on it. The package includes:

• The Jetbeam FL-12 Fill Light

• USB / TypeC bi-directional charging cable

• User manual • Warranty Card

The FL-12 is a multi-function light panel but also a powerbank with a refined design. There are many applications, even if it mainly starts as a fill light generator to support photography and videography. The panel with which it is equipped consists of 120 LED 2835 high brightness of which 60 for the generation of Cool and 60 light Warm.

The combined ignition of all LEDs allows a wide variety of colors to be obtained. The FL-12, in fact, allows you to select the color temperature at will in a range that varies from 3000k to 5500k with 100k steps. We can see, from the following pictures, that choosing the warm color from 3000k will remain on only the Warm LEDs, while choosing the cold color will remain on only the Cool LEDs. All the other colors provide for a mixing of the light and therefore the lighting at different brightness of all the 120 LEDs present in the panel.

The output is divided into 20 levels (from 5% up to 100%) in steps of 5%. The display is in color and has excellent resolution. The runtime and the percentage of battery charge are displayed in yellow while the percentage of the output and the color temperature in light blue.

The FL-12 is about the size of a 5-inch smartphone, is very thin only 9.6mm and also quite light. It is very comfortable to hold, but the satin aluminum body is very smooth and is a bit slippery.

Managing it with one hand is not easy, I have risked several times to lose my grip.

The LEDs are covered by a sheet of transparent acrylic.

… the body is entirely in aluminum.

On one side we have the bidirectional TypeC port and the ¼ latch for the tripod.

In the lower part we find a second ¼ hook for the tripod if we want to use the FL12 vertically.

On the other side we find all the buttons that allow you to interact with the user interface and then select the brightness and color temperature that we like best. These are recessed in a slight flaring of the body, they are slightly protruding and at the pressure they emit a delicate click.

On the bottom corner there is a hook for the wrist strap.

The display is placed on the back.

The lettering is well done on the front with the logo and the company logo and on the back with the indications of the buttons.

The supplied cable allows to recharge the FL-12 and to exploit it like a powerbank.


User interface

The FL-12 UI is simple and intuitive. We have essentially 4 buttons: "Power" for switching on and off, "M" to switch between the brightness or color temperature settings and finally the "+" and "-" buttons to increase and decrease the brightness and to change the color.

The FL12 is equipped with a practical HD OLED display that shows all information about the hue, runtime, battery and brightness level selected. Furthermore, it can also be used as a powerbank to charge USB devices.

It is equipped with an internal 2600mAh lithium ion battery.


Output e Runtime

High 3000k: 680lm (measured 670lm)– 1h

High 4200k: 780lm (measured 788lm) – 1h

High 4200k: 780lm (measured 790lm) – 1h


Low 3000k: 40lm (measured 40lm) – 21h

Low 4200k: 50lm (measured 55lm) – 21h

Low 4200k: 50lm (measured 55lm) – 21h

The measured values are to be considered peak, taken in the moments immediately following the switch-on. Furthermore, all measures are made with non-professional tools and may therefore also be deviating from the real values. Following the discharge curve of the FL-12 turned on at maximum power (100%) with warm color 3000K


Beam, Tint and Beamshots

The FL-12 beam is total flood, perfect as fill light for photography. The color, as we said, is selectable between 3000 and 5500k with a 100k pitch. Color mixing always produces a uniform color. In the following beamshot were used for a comparison the warm color 3000K, the cold 5500K and the intermediate 4200K.


Beamshot #1

Output: 5%-50%-100% Color temperature: 3000k-4200k-5500k


Beamshot #2

Color temperature: 3000k-4200k-5500k


Beamshot #3

Color temperature:3000k-4200k-5500k


Beamshot #4

Color temperature: 5500K-4500K-4000K-3000K


Beamshot #5

Color temperature: 3000k-4200k-5500k


Beamshot #6

Color temperature: 3000k-4200k-5500k


Beamshot #7

Color temperature: 3000k-4200k-5500k


Final considerations

The Jetbeam FL-12 is an interesting product: with one click it allows to change the color temperature of the light emitted. Created primarily for use in photography as a fill light generator, it can also be used in any other application where a flood light source is required. It can also be a valuable tool for comparison to assess the tint of the beam of our torches.

Among its main features is that it can be used as a classic powerbank thanks to the presence of a 2600mAh internal battery and the bidirectional TypeC port.

The interface is simple and intuitive, the output is divided into 20 brightness levels from 5% to 100%. The high-resolution OLED display returns information about runtime, battery status, and tint and output settings.

The materials are of quality, the rear body is entirely in satin aluminum and is slightly slippery. Comfortable two 1/4 screw connections to hook the panel to a camera or a tripod both horizontally and vertically.

Sin is just IPX0 and therefore has no protection against water.

The FL-12 is a beautiful product, certainly to be recommended!

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I’m not sure how I missed that this was USB-C. I’m assuming you don’t have another USB-C device to see if a standard cable can be used for the powerbank function?

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bmengineer wrote:
I'm not sure how I missed that this was USB-C. I'm assuming you don't have another USB-C device to see if a standard cable can be used for the powerbank function?

do you mean a USB-C-USB-C cable? no, I do not have it ... I have a USB-USB-C that I use with my smartphone and the FL12 powerbank function works perfectly with it


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In order to use the FL-12 as a power bank to charge your devices, you need a discharging USB-C cable like the one included in the package. Connecting a regular USB-C cable to it is for charging the FL-12 only.