Klarus XT11GT Urban Camo - 18650, XHP35, Tactical, USB charge

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Klarus XT11GT Urban Camo - 18650, XHP35, Tactical, USB charge

Business first… I was provide this light for review by Flashlightz.com. Here is the direct link to the XT11GT Urban Camo.

For some reason, I have lost the ability to place images side by side… Sorry there will be a bunch of scolling!
This light is packaged very well, in a good retail box. The specs are all contained on the back of the box.

Klarus has included a good, strong holser and a USB cable for charging. Klarus also includes a 3100mah 18650. The light is also designed to run with 2 x CR123 cells, although they cannot be charged!

This light, like the black XT11GT has a dual switch tailcap. Depending upon the operational mode of the light, this pair of switches have different functions. The modes of operation are defined as 1) Tactical, 2) Outdoors and 3) Advanced Tactical. Also, depending upon operating mode the side switch will perform different functions. This light is extremely advanced in programing and operation with all of the switches in use. I am going to say that I chose mode 2, even for a rifle mounted light. I will use it most for night predator and varmint hunting, so for me this mode made the most sense.

The body of they light is a good hand fit and is designed to fit a 1” rifle mount.

The side switch has an indicator LED in the center that provides battery level indication for 5 seconds at turn on.
Green = 70-100%
Orange = 30-70%
Red = less than 30%
At 10% and less the indicator will blink red until shutdown. Please note, the indicator only works when using 18650 cells.

Included cell, tested within 3% of rated capacity on my Lii-500 charger.

During USB charging the indicator will be red until the light is fully charged, at which time it will change to green. If the indicator blinks orange, there is an issue with the cell or with the charging circuit. Please disconnect the cable and check for faults. The cell will charge at 1 amp, and that was verified with my sample.

Klarus chose to control the heat generated by the XHP35 with a system called Intelligent Temperature Protection System (ITPS). The system seems to work very well! I observed the first step down at around 180 seconds, it appeared to reduce output by about 50% and and then again at about 10 minutes the light dropped somewhere around 200 lumens and stayed steady there until power became a problem. I also noticed that when working in an unheated shop, around 60F the light did take longer to step down. But, I did not ever see it cool enough to step back up.

The XHP35 is well centered within the reflector and a good looking crenelated bezel. The emitter is on the cool side, I measured right around 6000K with my camera and manual WB. But, it is not an unpleasant tint, given it’s intended function… it was a good choice.

As stated above, I intend to use this on an AR15 for predator and varmint hunting. Flashlightz included the TRS-1 pressure switch. This is why I chose operating mode 2, I do not need or want access to strobe for my use case.

We have had horrible, rainy weather on the weekends when I could get out at night for beamshots and the good weather weekend was our first deer season. In Illinois we are not allowed to have a rifle in the woods during deer season, so I was again unable to get beam shots! The light does have plenty of range for a 300 ACC Blackout with a conventional scope. I was able to find the cross hairs and my 150 yard swingers with no problem.

The TRS-1 is able to function just like the 2 switch tail cap. The round switch on the front of the strip acts as the “primary switch” and the flat tape section on the rear acts as the “mode switch”. I am really hoping for an evening of decent weather on a weekend, so I can at least shoot a couple of 100 yard groups with it and post some more photos.

Given the spread of output from this light, it was difficult to get a manual setting that allowed all modes to be somewhat representative of real output. The turbo is actually a little brighter in real life and I was unable to capture the 10 lumen mode. The tree line in the photo is at about 110 yards.

Turbo – 2000 lumens

High – 400 lumens

Medium – 100 lumens

Well… what are my thoughts? If you scrolled this far, you deserve to know!

I have been using a basic 900 lumen P60 light that I had built for the purpose of AR hunting. It was very simple, 2 modes only. This light at first was a little overwhelming, I had to sit in my easy chair and play with the modes and read the manual to finally settle on the mode I wanted to use. The versatility is really nice, but I am not sure i could remember 6 months from now how to change the mode again with out hitting the online manual. The light is very bright and very well focused with the well built reflector. I have no doubt that it does power up at 2000 lumens, it will be great for hunting! I am going to see if I can find an M-lok rail switch cover and I hope it will fit, the velcro works but is not ideal.

I like the XT11GT and it has found a forever home on the front of the 300 Blackout.

Good product, just RTFM!

Thanks for taking the time to read my review. Matt

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Great review of an awesome light … I love mine and use it daily … Smile

... Happy Landings ...

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I think that urban camo is neat.