Second Generation Silver Plated High Current Beryllium Copper Springs and 95+CRI SST20!

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Well, it went to the water completely.

1. The order got taken after close to a year of no one but me being interested. Could still order some from Samsung, but the distributor doesn’t want that.

2. For a while, it was still available, but due to current events, not really possible.

3. For a while, I did not have the necessary funds due to not having a job(which is now less of a problem because I have a new one until my main job reopens again).

My very own high current Beryllium Copper springs Gen 3:
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I thought I saw huge interest here for the dream bin. You can create an interest list and even ask us to pay upfront before you order.

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/\ Yes

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BlueSwordM wrote:
Don’t worry.

The topics are never closed on BLF.

No matter what, you will always get a response from me.

Is it possible to buy 3rd Gen springs ?

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Pm sent with order details. Thanks!