Need Help for Undercharging Ultra Fire Wf-139

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Need Help for Undercharging Ultra Fire Wf-139

I have this Ultra Fire Charger Wf-139,The main problem I am facing is it charges to 3.84 volts then it turns Red Led status to Green Led staus which means the charge is complete,when I measure the voltage it is same at 3.84volts.

 I found the Wf-139 undercharging solution in DX by Diamondmax,but the problem is the  PCB is different from me,that's why I can't seem to find the voltage reference resistor,cuz I am new to electronics,so will be grateful if anyone can help a little.

 This is the Pcb by Diamondmax

 (Plz read-

This is mine

 Some reference resources I found



Plz help finding me the voltage reference resistor to be desoldired.


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