What The Hell?

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What The Hell?

The Chinese sure have some strange ways. I purchased a little cheap radiant heater from Fasttech a few weeks ago. It had the U.S. plug so I figured it should be fine. Let me say, I’ve had good service from Fasttech in the past few months.

The heater arrived and when I took it out of the big padded envelope, the box that contained the heater was so tattered it looked like a returned item. I took out the heater and it looked okay though no instructions or anything in the box. I plugged it in, turned it on and nothing. I waited a few minutes longer and if you put your hand right up to it you could just barely feel a little bit of warmth.

Now here’s the kicker. I thought it was another cheap Chinese item that was defective. You never know with this Chinese stuff. I finally turned it off and looked at the back where the label that listed wattage, etc. Then there it was! This was a 220V European device with a 120V U.S. cord! No wonder it wouldn’t work!

What a head scratcher! Who in the heck would take a 220V appliance slap on a 120V cord and call it good to go for U.S. sales? Evidently the Chinese!

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Well...I guess it could have ended worse. I don’t want to imagine what could happen if someone bought a „European“ heater with a 120V power supply and a 240V EU cord attached to it.

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^^ Indeed !

But maybe you can open it up and do some rewiring.
Could be that 2 halves are now in series, that should be in parallel for 120 Volts.

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Buying overseas is ALWAYS a RISK. Got burned. So I buy from Amazon US. At least you have recourse to get back money of defective, wrong, broken, etc….

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Buying overseas is not always a crap shoot but you have to read the specifications carefully. I retrofitted my home with LED fixtures ordered from China and to date have no complaints but I learned early that the default voltage worldwide is 220V. Check the listing at the Fastech website because some of their heaters specify 220V but are listed as having a “two pin flat plug” which would obviously be a US plug but usable only on 220V. It’s possible you ordered one with a US plug but 220V. https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10057570/9675020-400w-portable-touch...

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Yes, reread my post and that’s what I said I received but it’s still crazy!

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Yep, there’s a whole lot of that going around from Chinese suppliers.
You’ve got to read the spec.

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The problem is China uses 220v and their 2 prong plug is interchangeable with our 120v 2 prong here in the US.


Means when buying from an over seas seller you have to pay attention to product specs and make sure you are ordering the correct thing. This wasn’t a FT fault.

Seem to recall there are a hand full of other countries that also use a 2 prong plug similar to the one we use here but with a different voltage.

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This sounds like an item for the EEVblog.

wow, I never had the wrong market/voltage sent to me. All items were correct or 120V-240V.

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Banggood recently sent me a flashlight with a Euro 2-prong charger outlet plug by mistake. It has a built in battery pack so I have to use their proprietary charging cord. Luckily the input voltage range is 100-240V (specified on the converter which is part of the charging cord) so it will work the same anywhere in the world. I just had to purchase a Euro-to-USA adapter for $3. Banggood refunded me $8 for my trouble. Most modern electrical items have this wide voltage range. If they do not, then you need not only an adapter, but also a converter, whether it be step-up or step-down as in this case. The OP could buy a step-down adapter/converter combo to work at 110/120V if desired.

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The last thing I would cheap out on is a heater. The potential for starting a fire is very high. 18650 and battery chargers are up there on the list of devices to be wary of.