(My first review) Sofirn SP32AV2.0

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(My first review) Sofirn SP32AV2.0

This is my first review on here so please give me some pointers.

I have a few Sofirn lights and none of them have disappointed me yet. Best bang for the buck i have seen so far.

Flashlight: Sofirn SP32AV2.0
Emitter: Cree XPL2
Group 1
Eco 5 lm
Low 50 lm
Medium 160 lm
High 500 lm
Turbo 1300 lm
Triple click for Strobe 1300 lm

Group 2
Ramping 5-1300 lm
Double click for 1300 lm turbo.
Triple click for 1300 lm Strobe.

Tint: Cool white roughly 6000k

Comes with 3000 mah Sofirn battery.

AR Coated lens.

It has memory to return to last used mode.
Does not have electronic lockout.
Impact resistant to 1 meter drop.

Whats in the box:
18650 3000mah Battery
USB charger

Its a great budget flashlight! Its a great all around EDC for me. Battery life seems to be good. Haven’t done any technical testing on run times or light output.
For less then $30 you can get a quality light that comes with battery and charger! What more can you ask for?

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Sofirn has really found a nice niche in the budget light market. I’ve got six different Sofirn lights (some provided for testing and reviews and some purchased with my own Cash and they are all solid values. Their 18650 lights are pretty similar, but have a couple differences between each one so they can please different people. My brother-in-law likes my SP32A while my brother chose the SP31 with the tail switch (which I really don’t care for). Each is a solid flashlight and offers something different depending on what you want. They each have their own lights now and appreciated how it came with a battery and charger, being their first li-ion flashlights. I may have them hooked!

Now if they’d offer warmer emitters…

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Thanks for the mini review.

I received mine yesterday and am quite pleased, so far.

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Thanks for the review. Both my Sofirn 32A are favorites .