NIWALKER BK-FA30S XHP35 HI - Powerful Thrower Comments

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NIWALKER BK-FA30S XHP35 HI - Powerful Thrower Comments

Was so impressed with the NIWALKER BK-FA30S XHP35 HI i wanted to comment on it.

I am pretty much a newbie to these Hi-Tech flashlights. I saw another member post favorable comment on the NIWALKER, saw a good sale on it and decided to get one.
It arrived this past week and am pleased to say it is one heck of a powerfull thrower. I live in a big city, so finding a large open area is challenging, I took it to a bayou this evening, thinking i would have a long enough straightaway to see how it performed.

Turns out I need a longer straightaway, the curve in the bayou was approximately 800 or 1000 yards and it was lighting up the bank clearly. very intense focused beam.

have not figured out the 3 button controls yet, so if other members have the niwalker please advise (I seemed to mainly have it on high, or off). Based on how quickly i could feel heat building, it must have been drawing a lot of power from the 4 samsung 30Q batteries. Great Light, seems like quality build and excellent large deep reflector.
would like to hear other users comments on this light

Larry Smock