Mini Review: Folomov 18650s

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Mini Review: Folomov 18650s

I won a free Folomov 18650s in a Facebook contest a few weeks ago — full disclosure: the prize for recipient was the flashlight, paid in full, with a refund ensuing if a favourable review was posted on Amazon.

I like the flashlight and already owned a couple. I’ve stashed them at the entrances to my house and in the kitchen for daily use.

The user interface isn’t the greatest for my EDC needs. Long press while on to turn off, long press while off to go into moon mode. Typical press while off will get you to your last brightness level. A typical press will cycle through the various brightness levels.

There are 6 non-strobe modes from 900LM (turbo) to 0.5LM (moon).

I have a FLIR thermal imaging camera. In turbo mode after 1 minute of runtime, the temperature at the lens of the flashlight reaches about 50C. The body rocks at about 30C.. pretty warm to the touch. In other words, you’ll know if you’ve accidentally turned it on in your pocket.

I can measure the PWM output of the LED. Here’s a picture of my test jig. A PCB clamp holding the flashlight, pointed at a project box containing a BPW34S powered by a 9V battery, connected to my Rigol DS1054Z:

This is moon mode measuring 17.8KHz:

This is lowest mode measuring 17.8KHz:

This is low mode measuring 17.8KHz:

This is medium mode measuring 17.8KHz:

This is high mode measuring 17.8KHz:

This is turbo mode measuring 17.8KHz:

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