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I was wondering about the new
small Osram diode and a cheap way to get 1 kilometer of throw AND having a decent glass zoom lens so it could be a decent flood at lower candela for power failures etc. rather than just a fun thrower.

So IF I do not mod myself – is there anyinterest in a Group Buy – kept simple and maybe a $50 to $60 price ceiling ?

Or any other ideas to really take full advantage of the Osram LED ?

Anyone doing Mods that might be close to this range or maybe total $75 including a host ?

OR – I could just get the Dedomed Nightwatch which has the moon mode which is 800 meter throw etc.

For $40 a very cool light.

Is the Osram very green colored at lower power or not that bad ?

Dave C
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Great flashlight for the money, no doubt.
But tbh I can hardly resolve a person at 500m let alone 800+.

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Dave C wrote:
Great flashlight for the money, no doubt. But tbh I can hardly resolve a person at 500m let alone 800+.

yeah thats hard really at those distances.

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Maybe you want to buy something like this, i am tempted to buy one

HEATING PLATE ——————————————— For reflowing.

I weld.
too old and heavy handed for fine soldering. I tried.

Coupla mates. electronic tech’s. play a lot.
Both of them use wife’s old electric frypans for reflowing?.

Seem to work well for them.

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Where can I find an original Hex file for the FT03? I have anduril flashed on it but would like to go back to narsil because of some FW issues I’m experiencing.

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Curious what issues you’re having? I flashed Anduril on mine as well off the back of your comments with Tom E and TK and haven’t noticed any problems.

TA has a link to the version he sent Astrolux, should be easy to search for. IIRC it’s the S42 firmware.

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I’m using the light as a single mode (100% only) hunting spot light and try as I may, being super cautious to count exactly 255 clicks when setting ramp_floor to maximum and # of steps to 1 I can not get it to behave as single mode 100% max only light! It’ll come on in a pretty high mode and wont step up or down via holding the button (as if it were in single mode only) but its not at max and to get it to step up to max it requires a double click. It exhibits the same behavior if I try setting the ramp floor to max in ramping mode as well; still not quite full turbo and requires a double click to enter turbo. I could deal with it if It’d memorize turbo and come back into it with a single click from off but it always powers up to the high mode and ALWAYS required that double click to turbo.

For reference my GT_Mini with anduril behaves perfectly in either stepped or ramping modes when taking the same steps to set ramp_floor to max as I try on the FT03. I like to leave the ramping mode set normal, in case I need to use it as my only light but then set the stepped mode set to act as max only so I can jump back and forth as needed with a triple click.

When I flashed the FT03 to anduril I didnt expect to need to go back and I figured if I did I could pull the original code from the product page so I didnt save the chip read. Unfortuniately that’s not the case as astrolux / banggood doesnt seem to be in compliance with the license.

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There are 150 levels in Anduril, not 255.

I have a backup of a FT03 which I can upload tomorrow.

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SammysHP wrote:
There are 150 levels in Anduril, not 255.

Excellent observation! I’m an idiot, hehe. Set ramp_floor to 150 clicks and boom; it functions perfect!
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I’ve got an annoying issue with my FT03, when I put a cell in it at first the light can’t be turned on, even the button doesn’t light up. If I plug it on USB then it wakes up, and I can use it up to max power. However a few hours later it doesn’t come up anymore to max power, it stays at a rather low intensity, even if I try to unscrew/rescrew the body. What could I try to save it ? The threads don’t seem to be dirty, the behavior is the same with 3 different cells, maybe the driver is stuck in a strange mode, but how to reset it ? Or is it hopeless ?

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Would I be able to swap an Osram nw1 or nw2 in this light, my sst-40 was not reflowed from the factory and is slowly dying, I’ve read on mtn’s page they do not recommend this, if I can’t which is the next best swap? Thank you for any info in advance!

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