[review] LuxPro LP291V2

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[review] LuxPro LP291V2

I never had a LuxPro light before, so I was naturally curious about them. This LP291V2 takes two AA cells (included!) and is pretty bright for its size. Close to 300lm seems absolutely reasonable given “ceiling bounce” tests with other lights I have.

Æsthetically, I really like the ’291. It’s a nice clean design, doesn’t look as if it were put together from random plumbing fittings, and has a nice rubberised grip on the battery tube in lieu of the usual knurling. Also, the tailswitch is recessed and does not have “thumb-cutouts”, which to me are done to death. It has a nice pocket clip, gloss black and pretty firm, although it’s not a deep-carry clip.

The light itself has some nice anodisation, a matte black that’s not slippery nor chalky. It actually goes quite well with the rubberised battery-tube.

The UI (user-interface) really bugs me, though. It always starts on high (ie, no memory), has mode-order high to low, and hits the trifecta of personal irritation by including strobe in the main cycle. Also, the “memory” is long enough to have you think it has next-mode-memory unless you let it sit for a while before turning it back on. Urg…

If you only intend to use it on high, then it’s a simple on/off light. Low could be a bit lower, and ditch strobe altogether. If I could lobotomise the light so it’d be pretty much high-only, I’d be happier.

The beam is quite “fried-eggy”, having a nice white hotspot, but a glaringly yellow corona, that fades to a blue-white spill. Looks like a flip-chip emitter (XP-G3?), so that’d be par for the course. Going white-wall hunting, it’ll drive you positively buggy, but even just shining around the house, the yellow corona is distracting. Maybe out in the wild it won’t be so bad, but I haven’t tried that yet.

I can’t speak to longevity, as I only got it today and these are my first impressions. Time will tell.

All in all, it looks like a pretty nice light, and I’m especially liking the rubberised “grip” on the battery tube. It’s got a nice solid feel to it, seems put together pretty well, and while the beam can certainly be improved with a different emitter (LH351D, anyone?), it’s a pretty decent light overall. Just please change the UI. Memory or at least start-on-low, a low-to-high mode order, no strobe. It’d be a beautiful light then.


Amazon link for pix, ordering, blah blah blah…


Thanks, Vipon! LOL

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