Review: Imalent MS12 (videos + runtimes)

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Review: Imalent MS12 (videos + runtimes)
Built in fan cooling. About 2 kg weight and 53 000 (stated) lumens bright. That is definitely the thing that may interest a lot of people if not from the perspective of a purchase, then at least from idle interest. I clearly remember how a couple of years ago, with undisguised enthusiasm, I turned on the freshly received Convoy L6. Its three thousands lumens seemed to be some monstrous level of brightness.

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Time passed, and the brightness of the flashlights grew up almost exponentially. During about last 10 years, the maximum brightness has kept the same level, increasing slightly. And now threshold of 1000 lumens is standart for even low-cost pocket light.
Just a year ago, after the threshold of 10,000 lumens (I’m talking about production models, not custom modes) was overcome, a number of manufacturers — first of all, Imalent and Acebeam — broke off their chains, releasing ever-brighter flashlights. It ended when Imalent announced MS12 with its 53,000 (!) Lumens. Acebeam immediately cancelled a similar model that was ready for release, made some work upon it and after a short time updated the specification to 60,000 lumen.

I know that most of you guys from BLF know the story, but there might be other people who don’t know.
Ok, lets check impressive specks


Imalent MS12 costs a lot . So that is logical in this situation that the packaging is excellent. This is a hefty carton box with good polygraphy and an additional handle to carry it. If you fork out for a gift – don’t wrap this package, let everyone around look, it’s worth it. So, it`s not luxury package, but definitely good and impressive. Everyone will understand that there is a huge thing inside.

Inside, in the foam rubber: the flashlight itself, a shoulder strap, a charging unit, an instruction, a bag with o-rings. All that you need, actually.

I start review with this additional stuff.
1) *Shoulder strap *is comfortable. Not just a strip of material with two carabineers, no. The part that lays on shoulder is anatomically curved for convenience.

2) Power supply unit. Here it is, a little out of focus, plastic cover on the plug looks like a some whitish thing behind the pin of the charging connector.

And here is the flashlight itself. I already had it`s predecessor, Imalent DX80, so I was partially prepared for the size. But still, I was very impressed, after all. The difference between MS12 and DX80 is not only in brightness, but also in size.

See for yourself, here’s a vivid comparison. I remind you the dimensions: 258×129.5x * 55. mm length / diameters of the head and body.And 1.75 kg weight.

Here, here it is entirely.

The tail of the flashlight is flat, with laces for shoulder strap. MS12 can easily tailstand because of the rather low center of gravity and the fact that the flashlight is really heavy, MS12 stands firm. And this tailstand is not useless. Take a look on all these small around bottom side of the head (one of them just above the button), they all are sources of additional illumination, red-green indicator and white light.

Btw, here you can see 92.2 w/h power. Lets calculate, 92.2\8 (amount of batteries) = 11.5w/h.

-So, I suppose that there is no 2700 batteries insides, but some 18650 with about 3200mah. I hope that that`s VTC6. I asked Imalent customer support, they prefered not to reply. – Comment below made specified battery – that is really 20700, Sanyo 3000mah.

Large squares of knurling are definitely good from for the grip. But overall dimensions and weight of the flashlight make using it without a shoulder strap quite problematic. No, well, if you are a heavyweight guy, no problem. But for everyone else, I am sure that using MS12 without a shoulder strap will finally make your hemorrhoids fall down to pants. Try holding a 2l bottle like this for half an hour, you`ll feel what I’m talking about.

The flashlight consists of a head and a battery pack. As far as I wrote above, last one consists of 8×18650 batterires , so, i`d estimate overall capacity to be around 24000mah.

There is a barrel-type charge pin, with quite fast 2A and 19-24v. It takes about 5-5.5 hours, not as in the specification, to charge battery.
I could not catch the exact cut-off when the red color of the indicator changes to green. But for such huge pack, 5.5 hours seems to be reasonable time.

The thread is perfectly lubricated, the head can be is easily screwed onto the battery pack.BTW, initially, there was a transport insulating gasket between head and battery.

And here the contact plate. Of course, with such amperage, there is no way to use spring. I don’t remember any sping, used in flashlights which are brighter than 3500 lumens. Small dots in the center of the plate are just traces of lubrication, which I did not notice when photographing.

I took off these 2 screws, but it led to nothing. Feels like everything is pressed down the head and glued. And I can only guess how all the insides are organized there, dunno length of the wires, there is a chance to tear them, pulling them out too hard. So, that is the point my investigation stopped.

Button is a 11.5mm diameter metallic round with a short move and a perceptible click. The button is not particularly embossed. This may not be a problem, when you use Imalent MS12 with gloves off. But when they are on, there is a chance you can miss the button. But, as normally you have to use MS12 with shoulder strap attached, then you can place the flashlight in the position when button will always look up and the finger will find it easily

But in general, this part of body should be constructed the other way. Let’s say, a rectangle around the button with a hollow groove under.

Do you see the squares with label “MS12”? These are the additional LEDs mentioned at the beginning of the review. When you turn on the flashlight, they light up green, when locked red . And there is a mode of simply white light with 3 levels of brightness.

Head … Yes, it is huge. I would label it like “monstrous”, etc., but now I have another flashlight in the process of reviewing – an even bigger BLF GT70 flashlight , with even bigger head. But, in any case, it is really hefty.

So, look. Imalent placed a fan inside to handle this terrible heat. I unscrewed the screws (see photo below), but it didn’t give anything as head seems to be glued. I really wonder what is inside, what is in reality behind this promotional picture. Realizing that the head itself could not be disassembled, I turned to the manufacturer with a request to provide photos of the contents of the head. They refused saying “we do not want competitors to know.” My reasonable answer, that competitors (read Acebeam), if they wish, can afford to buy a dozen MS12 and cut them apart with the grinders cut left with no reply. As well as my question about exact type of batteries used. Well done, Imalent!

So, all I can provide are these photos. Here you can see surface of the metal plate upon LEDs should be mounted, and the head goes to this plate directly, to be caught and dissipated by built-in fan. What is interesting, fan is mounted upon this plate, not from the side of body. In two places on the side of the impeller are some kind of flat, probably hollow “columns” through which, I am sure, goes the wiring to the LEDs.

BTW, I`m really skeptical about IP-8. MS12 survived shower test. In working condition. But I STRONGLY believe it may got broken when you submerge it in water while fan cooling is on. I was afraid to do this, so I didn’t. But, well, if you get under the rain, no problem.

Despite being purely peaceful “wow!” and collectible device, the bezel teeth of MS12 are very high. They seem to be flat only in relation to overall dimensions; in fact, they can be used to scalp an elefant, if nee. Although the flashlight already has a good attacking potential due to its weight, such a club can easily break through your head.

Well, here’s the LEDs. 12x XHP 70.2. The glass is covered with a protective film right out of the box.

Well, how do you like this size?

Often, due to the compactness of the flashlight, in such assemblies the LEDs are covered only with TIR optics for good floody light. In case of MS12, the dimensions allow you to use a decent space for each LED, perhaps no less than reflector in something like the Convoy C8 +.

Unfortunately, the bezel is glued, it would be interesting to unscrew it to look inside, but…. There are no photos in the network either. As well as no reply from Imalent.
Otherwise, everything is as usual with the the glass: anti-glare, tempered glass, anti-reflective coating, all this is a standard nowdays.


Considering that MS12 is a SPECIFIC light, I find UI logical and convenient.

Primary light

On-off with click, there Is a mode memory.
Hold button to change brightness
Turbo – 2х clicks, another 2 clicks start Strobe.

Additional light.
On\off with button hold.
Switch brightness with button hold, in high-mid-low direction.

3х clicks – lock\unlock, red indication of additional LEDs.
When voltage dropes to 11.8 they blink, below 11v there is a constant red light.

4х clicks activate force fan cooling (on modes above 15000 lums). And it also get activated when temperature reaches 55С.


There is no PWM shimmering (mb there is a direct-drive in high modes?)
CW light, of course. When you hunt for lumens, forget about NW.

Light distribution is really floody. Lets compare MS12 with S2+ . Mid Low level is close to maximum for my S2+ XML-2, so it will be relative comparison.

Ok, of course that such insane brightness generates insane heat. BTW, there will be a video where I cook scrambled eggs upon MS12. I planned to do it a long time ago, but didn’t have flashlight powerfull enough.

So, working at the two upper levels of brightness warms up the flashlight to such a level that it can’t be kept with bare hands. Once there is a shoulder strap, you may not consider this a problem.

So. Remember that there specification tells us?

High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness

I can only guess how can you combine 53000 lumens and stabilization. So do you, I suppose.
I`d close my eyes on it, if low levels were stabilized. But even 3900 lumes mode, which is nothing to such battery pack and huge flashlight size is far away from nice flat line of what we normally call stabilized light.

So, I don’t think there is something close to what specs promises us about stabilization. That is uncool. I`m ready to put up with it, I know what to expect in case of extreme brightness.
But, at least don’t promise what you don’t have here.

At least, when it comes to brightness, MS12 is REALLY bright. Omg, I remember how I thought about 5klumens thing “ooo, they are so bright”. How funny it looks now for me )

I tested A LOT of flashlights, so I thought that i`m prepared. No way, light is astonishing bright.
I don’t know how to describe it without using words that shouldn’t be used here.

Imalent MS12 definetely gives user what he wants, as much lumens as possible. Well, there might be separate hidden mode set with 50-100 lumes, good for camping, but even as it mode set is ok.

I`ll start with additional light. That is a nice feature, though I don’t think there will be lot of situations when you really need and use it. At least there are 3 modes with reasonable mode spacing. The lowest mode can even be use as nightlight.

MS12 is definitely excessive in yard range. Especially in winter, with lots of snow that reflects all the light. Compare MS12 with S2+…

Outdoor, in forest, Imalent MS12 performs better. You can see extremely bright floody light. Everlasting Low mode is ok just walking around.

Ok, lets adjust focus to 200m to check this house in the center, it is about 150-200m from me.

But, the best pics can be seen from the high point. Everything is much more impressive here.

Specs say about 1km throw. Heh, of course not. No chances.
If we are talking about real use, to have some useful brightnessght, after all, I would rate like about 300 meters. I pointed MS12 to building 450m away from me, is almost no sense, MS12 is as bright as old C8 to XML-2 at this distance.

Yes, 300m may seem nothing for such monstrous flashlight. But within this range, it illuminates everything. Pls see video, it can be clearly seen.

There will be MUCH more alive performance in my review, in the final part. Pls subscribe, in next review i`ll compare BLF GT70 with MS12 -)


I am sincerely convinced that for real use such an extreme (in price \ brightness \ size \ power) flashlight may be interesting only for an quite few people.

Like the previous model, Imalent MS12 reveals itself not as a source of light for real use. This is the excellent, pure “wow-thing” for those who can afford it.

Also, there are situations when you need to give a gift to a person who can afford everything. He has a fashionable gun there, his car is powerful. And giving him MS12 instead of yet another bottle of expensive booze will impress him.

I am definitely curious, where this race for brightness will lead. The maximum brightness that I saw with one XHP70.2 is 7500 lum in BLF GT70. Technically, from 12x of them it is possible to squeeze out the monstrous 90 kilolumines (and I considered this with a neutral light, with a cold one even more). The challenge is not to become a purely marketing 3-second impulse, the power supply here will require something like 8×21700 (or even 12×21700), which will make the flashlight more of the already monstrous BLF GT. There will be such a three-kilogram 40cm cudgel.

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nice pictures - thanks for your work!

but the LEDs are XHP70 - NOT XHP70.2 Wink

i do not work in "reviews, deals and codes" for the time being
maybe M4D M4X will return one day, but until then:


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@Narmattaru, the battery pack is using 20700s.

It’s just using Sanyo NCR20700A 3000mAh 30A cells, so about 11Wh as specified Smile

They can output 50% more power than the Samsung 30Q inside of the Imalent DX80, which was a good choice for the MS12.

My very own high current Beryllium Copper springs Gen 3:
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thnx. i tried to specify batteries used, but couldnt find any info

will update review.

btw. i checked my review of dx80 , Imalent could stabilize light there. why they couldnt do it here?

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Thanks for the review! Appreciate the animate gifs in the thread, helps for comparison.

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The active heat management system is interesting and seems to make a difference. But given how few lights have active fans, I imagine that there will be a sweep of progress in this area. I’d also expect that some cooling technology from CPU heat management systems could be leveraged to some degree. CPUs get seriously hot very quickly.