SKILHUNT H03C Headlamp Giveaway!

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SKILHUNT H03C Headlamp Giveaway!

To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year

SKILHUNT is having a giveaway with prizes of H03C rechargeable headlamp

From Jan 25th to Feb 12th , a fan will be selected to give a H03C headlamp

click here to join

details about H03C

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Thanks for your offer, xiaoqiao..

But I am NOT in, since all possible entries require to go public with my personal email-address.
Maybe nex time, if you do a GAW just for us, here at BLF.

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No thank you.

This is not a give-away as we know here on BLF.

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Thanks for the GAW and Happy Chinese New Year.
Because the GAW is external to BLF I am not in, unfortunately.

Thanks anyway!

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I’m not in either but chime in to wish you happy new year. Smile

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Definitely not in for this one, red flags everywhere.
Submit my email address to 3rd party websites – no thanks.
good intentions perhaps, but this is not the kind of thing that goes down well.

Beam me up!

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Lol what is this rubbish

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Happy Chinese New Year.

A giveaway just for BLF would be great.
Not many want to give out there info.

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I am so deeply saddened by this, I cannot express the words.

I must go and weep.

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No thanks

This post/thread "may" contain referrals, a little contribution I "earn" in form of points ONLY if you buy the item. The purpose is to redeem items using the points and then making reviews of them in the forums to shar

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Looks a bit like shilhunt Smile

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Zulumoose wrote:
…red flags everywhere.

That’s appropriate, they are in Shenzhen.

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Dear Skilhunt, you may still redeem yourselves. Please accept this post as the winning entry. I would love this headlamp.

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Maybe my burner acct will get lucky

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Hello everyone, we are back, the winners have already been created. But I want to know, what should the Giveaway activity on the BLF be like? Where is the reference information? Please let me know.thank you all Wink

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Here are some examples of past giveaways,

Participants post to the thread for an entry, after the specified date has arrived a winner is selected randomly from the posts.


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Got it, Thank you so much ,Best wishes to you

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