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A “Sofirn please rip off this light” thread is not a good idea, sorry.

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they could design a quad LED 21700 light in a compact format, but yeah – not copy another design.

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Same thing. Do not copy lights just because you want it for cheaper.

There are multiple reasons for why the EC65 is quite expensive:

1. It uses a 40W boost driver. In a small form factor, it’s hard, and expensive to implement.
2. It comes with a protected 5000mAh 21700 cell, and a USB-C cable, along with a holster.
3. USB-C charging. That’s one of the reasons the SP36 is more expensive than the Q8.
4. A quality 18650 adapter.
5. Extremely small.

Remove these expensive parts, and the light can get much cheaper.

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