No Longer WTB: Peak eiger AAA / 10440 SS / HA wide etc etc as my eiger is now QUANTUM!

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No Longer WTB: Peak eiger AAA / 10440 SS / HA wide etc etc as my eiger is now QUANTUM!

Im looking for a wide beam head of the small variety like this one :- 

to replace the one that came with my 10180 #3 wide beam which looks like this one :- 

I wanted a small floody light for neck lanyard carry and the Lummi Wee NS with a 25lm LE was the one. Great flood, nice output if perhaps a little bright but i had concerns about wearing nickel silver next to my skin after i developed a 

series of small blisters in an arc on my chest right about where the Wee hung, so i ditched the Wee and blisters cleared up, i later found that the blisters where likely due to the swivel that came with the Wee as when i used 

that same swivel with a Ti light i developed the same blisters in the same place! replacing the swivel with a plain SS split ring solved that, but the Wee was already gone to pay for a SS Wee but waiting for them to be machined was more than i could take so

i ordered a peak eiger 10180 in #3 (25lm) wide and it is great, the beam is perhaps a touch more flood than the Wee (i like flood!) and the size and weight are very similar so far so good. There is just one thing that annoys me about it and that is the size of the head, its bigger than i expected and although it doesnt interfere with the lights function in anyway it does wind me up a little bit every time i use it >.< 

I emailed Peak to ask whether i could swap the head for a small one, no reply, i emailed again to ask if i could buy a small head, no reply... i emailed 2 more times asking if they still manufactured the small head, no reply... and lastly i emailed them asking for a paypal invoice for a 10440 SS eiger with a #2 small wide beam head , and guess what? yeah no reply xD ,


Well its been 5 weeks since my last email to peak so im giving up on them for now and hoping someone on here or on CPF marketplace will have a small #2 wide (or #0, #1, #3) just the head on its own would be great, the head with a 10440 body would be even greater as i could then swap the BIG head from my 10180 and get another awesome light Smile 

so if you have a Peak Eiger AAA / 10440 or 10180 / 10280 wide beam head in #0-1-2 or 3 power level and you want to sell it i am offering 10% over the current price on Peaks website for a complete light, or for a head on its own name your price! 

fingers crossed someone on here or there has one for sale (or maybe someone at Peak could actually reply to one of my emails!Laughing


Application of a small square of Quantum Tunnelling Composite (yes that's right it's QUANTUM baby!) Wink has now given my eiger the power level i wanted and i have grown accustomed to the size of the head. Did i mention my eiger is now a Quantum eiger? hehe sorry but its really good stuff and available from at 15p per 4mm x1.5mm square it's pretty cheap, they have a £10 minimum order but after a few minutes browsing their shop i was way over that anyway Smile



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