AA/14500-flashlights Review Guide (2014-2019, single and multiple battery)

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As MtnDon wrote there is no single right answer.

  • If you’re traveling or charge your light in multiple different locations as Lumen9000 does, it could be very useful. Highly desired even.
  • However, for how I use my lights its useless. I don’t travel a lot and already have a dedicated charger for all my flashlight cells. And since I have dozens of lights, I’ll still need that charger even if I got a new light or two with onboard charging. I also don’t like having to take my EDC off my person to set it aside to charge for an hour. I’d much rather just swap cells with the one in the charger and be topped up instantly.

I have a number of lights with onboard charging and find I never use that feature. It’s faster to swap in a fresh cell.