Review: Nitecore NTK10

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Review: Nitecore NTK10

“Old McDonald had a knife E-I-E-I-O..”

There are a lot of people here, who combine flashaholism with knifemania (or whatever it`s named in English). I, personally, own pair of budget knives and that`s enough for my modest needs: cutting wires, opening parcels, getting smartphones from college kids etc. So, I definitely can be calm when I see all these “flash-sale! Flash-sale!’’ knife deals, they`re not really tempting for me. Nevertheless, when I saw NTK10, I was hypnotized by it`s unusual appearance. Stars gathered into lucky combination and i got it for review. So, here it is

NTK10 official page at Nitecore website.

you can buy Nitecore NTL10 at Aliexpress or AMAZON


NTK10 package is accurate black cardboard box. It has modest design, but that is the accurate, intentional modesty, not budget. Print is good and considering NTK10 as a gift, package`ll be of for it.

Inside, deep in black foam rubber lays the knife itself. Grey matte thing with unusual and attractive appearance. Ok, well, I have to be honest here. This design is attractive for me. My buddy says that design is not attractive at all. But he uses that multi-LEDs 50000lumens piece of junk from Ali as a headlamp. That speaks a lot about his taste IMO… -)

Let`s see it from all the angles.

Tail. Here we can see:
1) Lace for hanging this knife or attaching carabiner.
2) Sharp part as a glass breaker.
3) narrow slit to insert new blade.

Despite rectangular shape, grip is unexpectably convenient. AS chamfers are removed, the edges do not stick into the palm like it was, for example with one cheap knife that I once bought.
And as rear side is partly beveled, according to position of palm, it also adds a lot to comfort of grip. And grip is firm, even with gloves on. Really firm.

Down side is anatomically curved, fingers lay straight on it. Clip (removable) plays it`s role here as well. BTW, clip seems to be made of stainless still, not from Titanium.

As well as upper side, this one is covered with wide notches.

Front side looks like animal head. And that doesn’t look like wretched work, typical for noname stuff, design here definitely harmonizes with overall appearance. Sharp nose can be used like glass breaker as well as sharp rear side.

Blade is, thanx, 100% available in any store. All the utility knives that I own use segment blades, the ones where you can break off blunt part of blade. Here you use CKB-2 blade. Razor sharp and quite thick, comparing to segment blade -1.2mm.

Blade move is long. I mean long for utility knife. If you fully release segment blade, it will easily get broken. CKB2 is much harder and can be used even when fully moved out.

There is a small fixator which you have to press, to unlock blade. IF you are right-handed guy, you`ll find it more convenient than in case you are like me, left-handed. Blade moves smoothly.

Ok, that`s blade – let`s cut thing. I did short video-review, there are alive video in the final part, you can see there how sharp this blade. And, again, it is razor sharp.

Just see this shaving of nail.

What else – It easily cuts paper. Just

I also tried to shave hand – thing which I never managed to do with my regular EDC knife, when I tested it sharpness.

Of course, it has it`s own disadvantages. Though blade is Japan made, good metal and stuff, you have to understand that there is no sense to sharpen it when it gets blunt (though you may try). You replace it with new one, that`s it. As pair of these blades cost like 2$, you simple can forget about this. This extra pair of blades takes almost no space.


Well, once that`s the utility knife – I have to judge it according to that fact. You cannot use this knife for a lot of works that fixed knife suits for – cutting bones etc . And, well – you shouldn’t. as that`s utility knife. But for it`s purposes it perfectly work. Office, home and repair work – that’s area when this knife will work perfectly.

At the same time, that`s utility knife with price of good regular one. Yes, it is Titanium and limited edition. It looks damn good to my taste, and feels comfortably in hand. It is convenient in work. But, I consider NTK10 to be more a gift and collectible thing for it`s price. But, well, which Ti model (no matter – knife, flashlight, tactical pen) is not that one? So in need of knife just for some repair work, I don’t think that NTK10 will come to your mind. But when you look for a gift for you friend who is involved in repair works or want to put in pocket something that will please your eye and stand out from other utility knives – that`s the one.

Finally, i`ve got no complaints about appearance, construction and functionality.

I would definitely like to see if Nitecore release some regular EDC knife in this model line. The start is good.

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Great review, pictures, and video. Nice ‘boutique’ utility knife for the rich and famous. The lowest prices I’ve seen so far is $91 at DealExtreme and $103 at Fastech. Still too high for me but love the overall look and features.

The one thing that sets it far above the rest of the pack of many hi-end utility knives is the unique and very effective thumb-locking mechanism. Great engineering!

The body appears to be a Ti casting.

I would love a cheaper version made out of hard-anodized aluminum.

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