H600w vs H600c / H604w vs H604c

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H600w vs H600c / H604w vs H604c

What is the difference between those lamps in addition to the difference in LED?

What about the Throw and general beam profile?

Does XHP 50 have more green / purple in the beam?

Please help me find this out!

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w = Neutral white (4500K)
c = High CRI 4000K
d = High CRI 5000K
F = Floody (frosted glass)
604 = Mule headlamp (no reflector, super floody)

The current headlamps use either XHP35 HD for regular models or XHP50.2 for high CRI. Clear glass will have a typical beam profile with a bright hotspot. Frosted is more floody but largely evens out any tint shift (I would prefer to buy the XHP50.2 models this way). Mule is pure flood.