Micro USB 18650s all protected?

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Micro USB 18650s all protected?

Just wanted to ask if ur typical new micro usb rechargable 18650s usually come protected with PCB. I assume they would, just wanted to know for sure before I gift a certain setup. I myself use unprotected batts using a VC4, but I wanted to be clear what is safest for newer 18650 users. My followup question would be if the mirco usb charger feature in nitecore and fenix 18650s is safe and reliable versus a stand alone Xtar charger? Any n all advice is appreciated thx.


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In my opinion safest would be a *quality *light with build in charging. I never liked the looks of those usb recharble 18650’s but I’ve never used or owned one. I Do not see how a usb 18650 cell would be safer to use than a quality protected 18650 with a quality charger.

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