Temperature & lux test:
00:00 - 29C - 286lux
05:00 - 42C - 267lux
07:00 - 44C - 264lux
10:00 - 46C - 263lux

5th minute, 6.6% drop, that is in-line with the figures from what i got from the Trustfire TR-3T6 and Uniquefire 3900.  This is a performer!

The heatsinking seems to be very effective, also it scored higher lux than my 2.5A quad XM-L driving light with same batteries. I'm very impressed by that!



Luxmeter ceiling bounce back test:

1xXML(8,4v/1,5A) vs 5xXML(12,6v/2,1A):

Trustfire ST-50(8,4v/2,1A):