Help me with these LED emitters

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Help me with these LED emitters

Hi all,

its been a while since my last flashlight order. As all my emitters are by CREE, im quite familiar with what to expect from LEDs like XPL HI or HD, XHP series etc. As Im not a modder I dont care too much about detailed specs in the technical sheets. With the new models coming up from different vendors, I would need your help to familiarize with following LEDs from top level “qualified user” perspective. As an example I would like to know its normal rated lumen range, type of beam (thrower, flooder, mixed beam etc), voltage, high CRI yes or no and some general characteristic:

Like: XHP35HI by CREE, 1500-2200 lumens, for throw, NW and CW available, standard CRI 70, good NW tint

The LEDs I am not that familiar with are the SST40 and SST20 series, Philips Luxeon, Nichia B and C, White flat, Black flat if thats even a thing.

Help me sort these out, thanks Beer