SOLD - ZebraLight H53Fc Flashlight/Headlamp

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SOLD - ZebraLight H53Fc Flashlight/Headlamp

---PRICE: $60 CAD = $45 USD, I will cover shipping via Canada Post (which is about $15). I'd prefer to ship to Canada, but if you're in the US we could probably work something out as shipping isn't that much more. !{width:25%}! The total cost to order a new one from ZebraLight directly would be 59 + 15 USD (shipping) which translates to 96 CAD. DESCRIPTION: One of the best AA headlamps on the market IMO. Tint is okay, a bit yellow at times, but when used as a sole light source, it is very nice. CONDITION: Like new. You wouldn't even know it was used. INCLUDES: Headband with top strap and black silicon mount, pocket clip, 2 spare o-rings. I will include 2x L91 Lithium Primaries for you. If you are interested in buying some NiMH Eneloop pro Batteries and/or a charger for a cheap price as well, let me know.---

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