Nealsgadgets' GIVEAWAY! 3 prizes: Fireflies PL47, Lumintop GTMicro and Seeker NS22. Winners posted!

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Nealsgadgets' GIVEAWAY! 3 prizes: Fireflies PL47, Lumintop GTMicro and Seeker NS22. Winners posted!

Edit: March 17

Here are the lucky entries:

Fireflies PL47 (black, XPL HI 6500K) – winner is post # 95 ( 1stein )

Lumintop GT Micro (your choice of CW/NW) – winner is post # 26 ( P22C )

Nightwatch Seeker NS22 SST20, 95cri, 3000k – winner is post # 113 ( asot )

Please pm me your shipping information.


Hi guys,

Neal, the friendly veteran online guy in China that feed our flashaholic minds and has opened his own store (NEALGADGETS , in the tradition of Chinese thanksgiving during a Festival (in this case, the Spring Festival), is holding its first giveaway.

This is no bigtime giveaway, just a simple one but who cares?

Just post with a link OR photo OR description of any product from nealsgadgets that you like from his website, add some comments, jokes,


post a photo OR link to a product not listed is his website but would like Neal to carry.


Simply post Count me in or just any comment for that matter, and you’re in.

Three simple prizes at stake:

First prize: Fireflies PL47 (black, XPL HI 6500K)
Second prize: Lumintop GT Micro (your choice of CW/NW)
Third prize: Nightwatch Seeker NS22 SST20, 95cri, 3000k

The Fireflies PL47

Lumintop GT Micro

Nightwatch Seeker NS22

—starts now until March 16
— will be used to draw the lucky posts
—as usual, no double-posting..or you are disqualified…just one post is enough
—please do not create another BLF account just for this GAW (be fair to members)
—tatasal reserves the right to amend specifics as deemed necessary going into the end of the gaw.

Congratulations in advance and post away guys!

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BLF GT Mini. I would love to have one of these. Small, nice UI and a good thrower. Something I don’t have yet.
Just as soon as I pay off some bills …

Thanks for the opportunity!


Of course – that BLF GT Micro looks pretty sweet too.

BLF GT Micro

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I like many of Nitecores products (but I dont like the pricing of this) Nitecore TUP

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BLF GT mini is the one I’d like.
I mean, thrower, with a side switch, solid UI and FET, I do not have. Yet. Smile
Thank you for the GAW!


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Fireflies E07 i would love to own one of these.
But my buget does not alow it at the moment.
Maybe sumeday in the future Cool

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I would like to get the NS22 as I dont have SST20 LED flashlight yet – NS22

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I would love to own a FIREFLIES E07 7X SST20/NICHIA/XPL HI 6900LM 21700 FLASHLIGHT WITH ANDURIL UI in RAW aluminum SST20 NW.

Awesome light with excellent UI. Fireflies E07

... Happy Landings ...

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I like the form factor of this light, or I might seek the seeker… Also a nice light


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Emisar D4S is one of my all time favourite lights. I am contemplating buying a third one Smile

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I like PL47

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Another D4s for me because why not?

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I like because I like flashlights with two switches and this one is quite pretty too.

For recommendation what is missing, I’d say RovyVon Aurora A5, because atm it’s my most favorite keychain light and it got quite an attention from other ppl that saw it.

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Having some very good IMR 14500 cell’s lying around, I am seriously thinking about the Lumintop GT MICRO But I haven’t made up my mind yet.

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I suggest adding DQG lights like this Tiny:

Thanks for doing this! Smile

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What I love about nealsgadgets is that he’s managed to find a way to ship Li-Ion batteries to Canada and all other countries it seems. Finding an authentic, reliable and well priced battery supplier is a very difficult task these days. There’s even multiple threads here that are dedicated to peoples success finding one.
nealsgadgets batteries

I also really like that Neal carries Fireflies products! It’s great that there is another source that is much more customer service focused!
nealsgadgets fireflies

What I would really like Neal to start carrying is the full line of Emisar products!

Also, if possible the Noctigon Meteor!

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Any Fireflies would fit well in my hand…

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As mentioned before, I like the Fireflies flashlights on Neal’s site, he has more aux led options than the Fireflies website.

Thanks for the giveaway!

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i have been eyeing at THRUNITE CATAPULT for a while. May be Neal should carry more smaller Thrunite AA flashlight. I have wanted to try those for quite a while but can’t find anywhere to buy that ship to Asia.
Thanks for the giveaway.

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Would be nice if he could make the Enogear Nightwatch IRA available.
A very good light if you want a lot of power in a small package (and it can handle the heat very well).

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Love the BLF section. I would love him to carry BLF 348 Nichia Steve
Thank you for the giveaway

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The Amutorch AT40 is tempting as a host because of the titanium body, for an 18650 light.

The Rofis R3 is still a little expensive for my tastes, but a long-time member of my wanted list.

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Neals Gadget is the for flashaholics. Purchase a Lumintop GT mini for your next trip.


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am in need/want of an Emisar D4S. Also would like Lumintop GT Micro.

Would like to see him carry the RovyVon lineup of lights.


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Fireflies rocks, I would gladly like to own one of these

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I like the Fenix E18R but any of the prizes seems great too.

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I like the Fireflies E07 with the multiple aux led color options on:

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I’ve been looking at the Lumintop ODF30C for a little while. I want to get more USB charging lights as I’m getting kind of tired of taking batteries out to charge.