Nealsgadgets' GIVEAWAY! 3 prizes: Fireflies PL47, Lumintop GTMicro and Seeker NS22. Winners posted!

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I bought many flashlights from Neal. TN42, V6, GTmini … Even before he had his shop officially. In the future I will probably buy one flashlight. What’s missing? Zebralight. Maybe it would have better prices than the official website of the producer Smile
I would like a little gift like GTmicro Smile

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I really like FIREFLIES E07 because it has to many body, LED and aux options.

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I have bought 4 of the NS22’s, Amutorch X9, Mateminco X6S, I3TCU and currently have 2 of the Micro GT’s on order. Packaging is excellent. Prices seem good as well. Excellent store.

Edit- Just ordered an NS22 with the XHP 70.2.. Bet that will be a rocket. Of course I will change the emitter to a 4000K immediately. Only offered in a 6500K now.

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Lumintop GT mini, . Personally, it’s a great jacket-pocket-EDC light. I wish I had had it’s little, micro, brother.

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Fireflies E07
My alltime favorite so far!

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BLF GT Mini including appropriate batteries

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I would like to buy a BLF GT for $10.


I like the Fireflies E07

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Keychain/pocket light available with Nichia 219C sale now.

Seeking the light.

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I have been sitting on ordering a Titanium X9 for a while now… but I wouldn’t mind getting a PL47 either. I just bought another AT40 with XPL HI leds this time. Thumbs Up

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Hi, “ Souped up “ version of this. With aggressive stainless steel strike bezel head and tail cap. Different releases of light colors : Red, Teal, Black, Coyote Tan, Red, and TITANIUM versions.

BTW, I am in. Thanks.

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Wellp, I just ordered a GT Micro from NG a few days ago, but could certainly make do with another. Big Smile

Or any of the other critters up for grabs. Innocent

A Mini would be nice…

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Would love the PL47, the more lights I have with Anduril the better LOL

I’m linking to the D4S they’re awesome. Must resist buying more!

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The 21700 size is great. I only wish I had the 3000K version.

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I really like that Neal seems to carry most of the hotter BLF items (BLF specials, Lumintop, Emisar, FireFlies, etc). Though I’m kinda surprised the only Emisar he has is the D4S. I was just looking to pick up a D1S and checked his store… kinda surprised it wasn’t there.

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How do you get the red aux E07? Fireflies doesn’t even sell it. I’d like to hear some more descriptive advertising for unusual things like that, the why, the how!

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Would be nice if you carried this Nitecore product as well!!!

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thank for GAW

Inspecneal Gadgets

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Thanks for the great giveaway, guys! Beer

The store is looking very nice! That NIGHTWATCH AVARITIA NA40SE grabbed my attention!


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I was so happy to get my first purchase from Neal’s within just a few days after ordering (Amutorch AT40).

I would love to own a BLF GT Micro. I don’t have any modern throwers, and it’s just so darn cute.

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My E07 odorless bedside candle. This light is so amazing. So many features Thumbs Up I think he wants to hang out with a Lumintop GT micro Big Smile

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I’m in and thought these looked kind of interesting, single or double 18650, dimmable, power bank, replaceable battery, budget friendly.
Also I like your website you makes it very easy to order.

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I think the Imalent R90C with a nice comboination of flood/throw is neat.

Appreciate Neal and all he does for our community!

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Really want a D4S V2 3A in black and red aux but having trouble justifying almost $100AUD for it Crying then throw on the 10% tax… sigh

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Bought 5 NS22 plus 21700 tube and battery recently.

Would love the GTMicro.

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Sorry for my poor english.