Klarus 360X1 Tactical Flashlight Review

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Klarus 360X1 Tactical Flashlight Review

Ergonomically designed to help release blows and quickly capture, Klarus 360×1 is capable of dealing damage.
Klarus 360×1 is a very exciting flashlight, this is the 3rd generation tactical tail dual-switch. All-new 360º “Switch Ring” for omni-directional control molded from premium grade soft silicone;
high elasticity yields larger operation area for quick and accurate reaction.

Let’s talk about the things we love about this new design.
Light up immediately when clicking anywhere. In emergency situations you will not have to try to find out where the button is, I highly appreciate this.

The body is covered with silicone for a really great grip. A thick layer of silicone makes the flashlight anti-freezing and slippery in wet environments.
Peace of mind in any weather conditions with IPX8 waterproof and impact resistance up to 1m. I have used the flashlight for 1 time on the beach and the silicone is completely resistant to seawater.

The flashlight has a symmetrical design, one side is a USB charging port, one side is a LED indicating the battery capacity and the charging status is stylized with a beautiful K. The inscription on the flashlight is in a straight line. The charging port cover is made of a fairly thick, well-designed rubber that fits very well with the charging port on the body of the flashlight to create a seamless feel for our flashlight.

The Klarus 360×1 comes with a 18650 protected battery with a battery capacity of up to 3600mah. It can be said that this is the largest capacity for 18650 batteries to date. Of course it gives you longer usage time. Up to 14 hours at 100 lumens brightness, 4 hours at 400 lumens brightness and 1.1 hours at tubor mode with brightness up to 1800 lumens.

Accessories are an indispensable item for a tactical flashlight. You can easily buy accessories like gun mounts, control switches at Klarus dealers.
Accompanied by revolutionary technologies such as intelligent thermal protection system, smart battery identification system, intelligent charging system, battery capacity indicator light, multi-level protection system. Klarus has been encapsulated in a very compact size. The flashlight only weighs 113g excluding the battery, is 141.8mm long, the biggest point is that the flashlight head is only 29mm in size compared to the flashlight body is 27mm. You will easily bring your favorite flashlight with you when you leave the house.

The user interface is also my favorite point in this 360×1. The ability to switch between two modes, tactical and outdoor is very simple. When the light is off, you just need to press and hold the 360º “Switch Ring” until the indicator light goes back to blue and red, and then press the primary switch and that’s it.
To create a high-class klarus flashlight using a material the 6061-T6 aviation aluminum alloy, Anodizing HAIII military standard. AR coated glass toughened against scratches and scratches.

The box is set quite nice and high class. It is not a bad idea to buy a flashlight as a gift for a loved one. All information about the flashlight is printed on the box, accessories according to the lights included: 1 x Micro-USB Cable, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Spare O-ring, 1 x KLARUS 18650 Battery (18GT-36), 1 x Nylon Holster, 1 x Clip.

Don’t just stop at a nice design if you’re looking for a flashlight can be used in many cases such as combat, camping … If you like perfection from design to performance, this is the flashlight for you.

The only minus for me is the holster. If you use a flashlight for the usual purpose, it’s really great. Klarus pre-designed a piece of plastic underneath to avoid the tail flashlight affected by unwanted forces. You won’t worry about your light being accidentally turned on without using the flashlight lock feature. But with a tactical flashlight I want the tail light above when I put it in a holster. In case of an emergency, it is possible to use the flashlight immediately. In combat, you will not have time to pull out the flashlight and wait a little time for me to turn on the flashlight and we fight.

Unfortunately Klarus has not yet equipped USB Type C charging port for 360×1. With the old Micro USB charging port we will need more than 4 hours to fully charge the 3600mah battery according to the flashlight.

Without equipping the last-level memory feature, which is a feature of a tactical flashlight, our flashlight will always turn on turbo when you press the primary switch. Maybe some of you will feel a little missing, but it’s okay to get used to it soon.

Here I share a little more detail about the user interface of the Klarus 360×1. We will have 2 modes of use, tactical or outdoor. How to switch back and forth between the two modes is very simple. When the light is off, you just need to press and hold the 360º “Switch Ring” until the indicator light goes back to blue and red, and then press the primary switch and that’s it.
- Primary switch: In both tactical and outdoor modes, the primary switch has the same function. Press to turn on momentary, release to turn off. Press down to turn on Turbo, depress then release to turn off
- 360 Ring Switch: Tactical mode
+ When Off: Press down to turn on Strobe. Release in 2s to quit strobe. Press down to turn on Strobe. Hold > 2s to keep strobe and click to quit strobe
+ When On: Hold to turn on Strobe, hold > 2s to keep strobe and click to turn on Turbo
+ When On: Click to change level Turbo – High – Low
- To lock the tail dual – switch, loosen the tail cap for half circle or more.
- Battery capacity indicator: Apter power on, the “K” indicator will flash for 5s
+ Green, 70% – 100% capacity remaining
+ Orange, 30% – 70% capacity remaining
+ Red, less than 30% capacity remaining
+ Red flashing, less than 10%
- Charging indicator: Red: Charging. Green: Charging complete. Yellow: Inspection required.

Thanks for reading. Wish you find a flashlight that suits your needs