Buying on AliExpress without PayPal, should I?

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I use a debit card for AliExpress so if the money is not in the account Mastercard wont accept the transaction.

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I have run into credit card fraud, which I’m 99% sure was Ali’s fault.

I have a card I have only ever used in two places: Paypal, and AliExpress. I used it exactly once on Ali, and the merchant sent me junk. It was cheap, so I never disputed it, I just left a bad review.

A few months later, my card is suddenly charged a couple of thousand dollars for various stuff on Ali. Luckily, my card company caught it, and the charges were eventually reversed. It was still a hassle, though, and I had to get a new card.

I have (stupidly) used the new card on Ali again, but without issues.

My advice is to be wary of using a credit card on Ali. It’s probably okay to use it, but beware that they don’t protect the card info. Make sure your card company has good fraud protection, since you might need it.

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I have been using AliExpress for a long time now. I don’t use PayPal because of their fees and use my credit card instead. Never had any issues. My credit company charges currency conversion fee but it turns out cheaper than using PayPal conversion rates and using local currency. I have had my card saved in the past and never had any issues with unauthorized payments. I don’t save my current card just for some extra protection.

If item if not as described you have to pay return shipping or agree on partial refund. I think there is certain limit how much of a partial refund you can get. For cheap (not as described) items I either open dispute for item not received if there is no tracking, or partial refund for 80-90% of its cost. Never had a problem. I have had a problem with expensive item once, $225 telescope eyepiece, that arrived not quite as described, the seller was of no help. AliExpress offered me 30% partial refund or shipping back at my expense. The 30% was a fair compensation for the flaws in this case.

For $20-$30 items I wouldn’t worry, for $100+ I would think twice if it’s worth the risk based on seller’s feedback and on how easy it would be to prove item not as described.

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Over 230 orders now on AE. Never ever problem with money return, with faulty goods on arrival or not as described. I use Alipay too. From all orders I think 5% were with issues which were resolved in my favour. Even had couple of orders come after dispute and money returned(too long shipping)

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I’ve bought thousands of dollars of stuff through Aliexpress with my credit card since 2014 and never had a problem