Lii 500 power supply

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Lii 500 power supply

So my LII 500 power supply died, as apparently they have a habit of doing.
Just wondering if it is a common fault, easy to check for and fix, or is it not worth opening the sealed unit to have a go?
Should I just go out and buy a generic 12V 2 or more amp power supply and forget the LII unit?
Any idea on the LII tolerances for 12V? will it accept lead-acid battery charging voltage of 14.7 or so without risk or should I be looking for a properly regulated supply very close to 12V?
Does the 12v cigarette lighter plug have any smoothing circuitry or is it just fused raw battery voltage?

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From a review of the Lii-500

iCreatin 12V 3A Power Adapter SMS-00120300-S01

CS Model CS-1203000 or Flypower PS361BCAK3000U

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I'd just grab a better 12 volt wall wort .A car is regulated at like 14.5volts max . 13.7 v. is common from your car. here it's easy to find lots of 12volt wall worts .

 The  liito kala AC power supply is JUNK and mine sparked a couple times /crackled and then finally popped .I should have known the crunching sound was a bad thing. I was happy to see it go.

 The fact it comes without the AC plug means they knew they were having a problem in the first place 

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