Maglite ML300LX short review

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Maglite ML300LX short review

Dear All,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog (with google translator in lower left corner).
In this short article I will show you the MAGLITE ML300LX flashlight!

Brand: Maglite
Model: ML300LX
Emitter: CREE XM-L2
Luminous Flux: 625 LM
Max Beam Intensity: 41200 cd
Switch: electronic switch
Battery: 3 pcs D cell alkaline (LR20)
Modes: 3 modes in 4 group
Mode memory: NO
Lens: polycarbonate
Waterproof: IPX4

This light is sold in blister pack. No add-on adds, only user manual!

Easy to split into two parts.

Its light can be focused, but it is not a convex lense cheap lamp. An interesting solution is to move the reflector.

The LED and driver modules can only be removed from the body with a special tool. I don’t have such a tool, I didn’t break it.

The body is a strong and long aluminum tube. It was as if they were made for self-defense Smile

LX versions have a “tactical” look and look a bit aggressive. Their operation is 100% identical to ML versions. The grip of the large cube pattern body is comfortable, the center of gravity is right.

The tailcap is a simple thing. It has a huge and strong steel spring.

Its size makes it a weapon. In the image line: D cell battery, Astrolux C8, Maglite ML300LX, Convoy L6, Astrolux S1

3 modes is in 4 mode groups.
Mode group select in 7 steps:
- Loosen the tailcap.
- Wait at least 2 seconds.
- Press and hold the switch.
- Turn the tailcap on, and do not release the button.
- After 4 seconds, the group change will start, hold down the button continuously.
- The number of groups starts flashing. 1 flash – Group 1, pause, 2 flashes – Group 2, pause, 3 flashes – Group 3, pause, 4 flashes – Group 4, stop the group change.
- Whichever group you want to choose, release the switch when it flashes.

The picture above shows the difference between flood and throw focus status.

We cannot talk about warming up during use.

The distance to the right tree is 100 meters.

200 meters to the hillside. This distance is no obstacle.

It’s not a flashaholics light. It’s a simple and good flashlight!
The specification doesn’t lie, I measured brightness: 45440 cd with new copper-head duracell battery.
I say better: I used the batteries for days, only in high mode. Approximately 3 hours of total running time was the highest brightness. The batteries I used turned on and went on for 30 minutes in high mode. Then I measured the brightness again: 22864 cd. WOW!

Can be used for self-defense because it is bulletproof. You can illuminate if you need it, even for many hours. And you don’t need a special charger or battery. Just a couple of alkaline batteries. It’s simple, so it’s foolproof. 10 years warranty. I hope my favorite manufacturers take over this number from Maglite. I think this is a very good flashlight if we take it with realistic expectations.
And remember: every flashaholic must have at least one Maglite!
You can buy @