Thorfire VG10S Flashlight review

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Thorfire VG10S Flashlight review

Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Thorfire.

The VG-10S can be found in Thorfire Amazon store here:

Current promotion is $18.39 and 20% off, shipping fees vary.

I have been using this flashlight for a while and I tend to reach for a VG10S more often than other flashlight because of size, the modes, and quality of workmanship.

The size and weight are almost perfect, just middle of the road, right between a pocket light and a dedicated thrower like a C8.

Since 2017 VG10S got some serious competition but for this price point I think it is still on top of the game.

What makes VG10S stand out:

  • great looks
  • decent power
  • decent size reflector so it will work outdoors on the bike trail, on your duty belt, etc…
  • starts on moonlight/firefly mode
  • last mode memory.

Other things I like:

  • quality
  • priced right
  • excellent mode spacing
  • Moonlight is just perfect
  • 18 month warranty from Thorfire

What I dislike:

  • tail switch rubber is just too thin and gets deformed.
  • color choice and green tint

VG10S has 4 modes: (half presses to change)

  • Moon,
  • Low,
  • Mid,
  • High

Hidden Strobe- double half press to turn on , single half press to memorized mode, some like it some don’t, but I see it as a possible improvement from previous model VG-10.

This light is a great candidate for modding and many use it as a host for their projects,

I actually like the very low moonlight mode about 0.5 Lumen. Works perfect for indoors as a night light.

VG10S doesn’t come with a holster but otherwise it fits perfectly in common flashlight holster such as C8 size holsters.

Smooth reflector with XP-L2 emitter and a nice bezel.

All parts a nicely made, aluminum, threads are really smooth.
Knurling is top notch

Reverse clicky switch in the tail is good and reliable, however the rubber feels a little thin, on few occasions the rubber got deformed and I had hard time putting it back into shape.

VG-10S comes with a nice and sturdy clip, facing toward the reflector. also an improvement from predecessor VG10.
VG10S is not meant for deep carry but will stay in your pocket.
and includes a lanyard whole for an optional lanyard.

I haven’t noticed any overheating, even on the highest setting, the driver will ramp down continuously and the head is cooled by the fins.

The throw and flood are nicely balanced with a smooth hotspot and decent throw,
however I am not excited about the choice of the tint with some green in it.

Beam shot will be coming soon…

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I bought one two 2-3 weeks ago.

Good points…

*Slowly heats up even after ten minutes at max
*Good choice of levels.
*Well made.

Not so good…only one….but common to all…
*Small hot spot is good when stationary but a problem when walking.

Earlier this evening was the first time I was walking around with it for 20 minutes in a building and stock yard. What I found is the narrow hot spot was bouncing around while I was walking. It’s distracting when you have a lot of smaller size objects like pallets and the beam size at 10 feet is not much bigger.

To be fair, this is NOT a problem with this light, but with every small mostly “thrower”. The Q8 doesn’t have that problem through shear volume of light. It just lights everything in sight. I don’t know what the hot spot to spill ratio is, but there is so much light in the spill, that the hot spot just appears brighter.

For me, I wished it had a brighter spill that reduced the perceived intensity of the hot spot. Better yet, if it had a magic full gradient from the center to the edge of the spill.

Overall, it’s an excellent value of a light that serves most needs very well. I would still rate it at a 5 out of 5 simply because of its features and quality to its bargain price.

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