Genesis Photonics LEDs?

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Genesis Photonics LEDs?

Genesis Photonics is a LED maker that’s not well known in the flashlight world…but they produce some LEDs that might be interesting. They even have a “torch” section on their site so they may be present in some production flashlights already.
CA3-3K is OK looking CRI95 LED. 320 lm at 1.05 A / 2.95V at 3000K is right in line with Luminus SST-20. But maybe it has better tint?

ZA3-3K is automotive throw LED with 4 mm² die in 3535 package (actually 3.45×3.45). How does it stand against XP-L HI?

WAL1717-3X, Nichia E17A competitor. Rated to deliver 60% higher output at the same CRI90. At double current, though with lower Vf.

Sadly, they didn’t respond to my datasheet request so I’m unable to tell more.

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