Best simple charger for Eneloops?

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Best simple charger for Eneloops?

I have LiitoKala Lii-500 coming for myself but I’m also going to give some Eneloops to a friend to whom I’ve given a couple of AAA lights (to get him away from alkaline). Which charger would be best that doesn’t require anything more than dropping the batteries in? The Panasonic?


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Panasonic BQ-CC17

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I highly recommend that he gets something that will charge li-ions. I have the xstar xc4.

The boss wife uses it with nothing more than plug this, put battery in, green light, take out battery.

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The problem if you could call it a problem is that the chargers got really cheap and do all kinds of chemistries too .Any of the cheaper liito kalas  will work and everyone has an AC/USB adapter too. The  Panasonic mentioned is a decent charger but a charger that does nimh and lithium ion ends up being a better buy . Truth is there are lots of old cheap chargers out there and mistreating NIMH's isn't the worst sin ever .Just beginning to educate them and train them to get off the crazy alkaline  train is a start. Any LSD and charger is better than nothing . japan cells and independent charging is better and Panasonic /eneloop/ or rebadged and a multi-cell/smarter charger . 


You can just drop batteries in almost any charger . There is no need to push any buttons on the lii 500 for it to do basic default charging .It always starts in a half amp default mode 

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Just for charging a few Eneloops you would be hard pressed to beat either of these. And if your friend ever get’s into LiIon, these will charge those quite well also. Thumbs Up

Using a good USB Wall Adapter with either of these & your friend is good to go.

I use this one:

Or, a Lii 500 would be great too.

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