Catapult v6 driver in Utorch UT02

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Catapult v6 driver in Utorch UT02

My son an I built a Catapult V6 driver in a broken Utorch UT 02. This thing is a beast. We don’t have measurements just now, but it throws a ton of light. The only problem was to solder the Utorch side switch to the V6 driver, but we managed to do that. There’s no usb charge port anymore, as the port on the V6 driver doesn’t line up right to the Utorch host. Eventually we probably can solder the usb port of the Utorch to the V6 driver, but we rather use a charger to charge the battery. If we manage we post some beamshots and measurements coming days. Why we did it? I like the reflector and beam of the UT 02 a lot, and the compact size also. The original output is a bit disappointing, and the driver didn’t last very long. So we tried to get the V6 driver and we managed. The result is there. Never had a better compact thrower with such great output. 

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