NealsGadgets slow to ship?

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NealsGadgets slow to ship?

I ordered a BLF GT70 from nealsgadgets on March 25 (10 days ago) and I haven’t received a shipping confirmation yet. It was in stock when I ordered. It’s showing out of stock now. I sent an email two days ago asking when they expect it to ship and haven’t received a response yet.

Is this standard procedure for nealsgadgets? If I’d known they were going to be so slow to get it sent out I’d have spent more elsewhere.


Update: It was out of stock yesterday, showing in stock again today.

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It took him 15 days from the time I ordered to the time he shipped my last order.

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Ok, I’ll just chill and wait, then. Thanks.

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Once I place an order I just kind of forget about it and then in 30 to 45 days (Sometimes less) I have a surprise waiting for me. Makes for a great day.

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Yeah, my micro took a while to get shipped, but I got it no problem.

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Same here. It takes on average 15-20 days for my order to be processed.

Banggood 3-5 days

just placed my first order from HKequipment and I almost fell over when it shipped in 2 days! Shocked

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There are only two sounds that matter when I place an order. And the time in between.
The “ping” of the PayPal confirmation that money has been transferred, and the “dingdong” of the doorbell.
On average the times of Neal are not spectacular faster or slower than the times of the big sellers.
And don’t forget: Neal is practically a one-man-band. IMHO he is doing a dang good job! Thumbs Up

You want it yesterday? Not for those prices. You know the rule: want it good, fast and cheap? Pick any two.
Relax, and be surprised when the doorbell rings. I have a spreadsheet that says: in the end it always rings.

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sorry Rando
the host of the GT is out of stock now
wait lumintop restock the host

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I ordered Lumintop GT Micro on February 26th at Neal and is still on my way and I have no problem with it. I have even older orders on BG and GB.
Delivery time is similar. Prices are similar.
But dealing with a problem is much more friendly with Neal.
That’s why I buy from Neal.

Sidney Stratton
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Placed an order January 31st and contacted Neil March 3rd. His response was prompt – “26980 tube out of stock. Will ship tomorrow.” The order stays as ‘unfulfilled’. I take it there is a backlog with the manufacturer. As the light (Avaritia NA40SE) is functional I’ll wait it out.

Never got any responses to my bi-monthly inquiries. Probably busy with the GT Micros.
Perhaps this post may nudge him to respond?

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Neal, I need update on order #18155. Thanks

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Stenz90 wrote:
Neal, I need update on order #18155. Thanks

You should contact Neal via proper/regular channels like e-mail, facebook or his website messenger if you need an update.

Posting here more than likely wont yield results on your order.

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He messaged me back on facebook and refunded my money since I guess he is out of stock now. Thanks