26980 lithium-ion battery

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26980 lithium-ion battery
So it seems I live under a rock. When did this battery pop up and what can it do? Any one got some solid testing on it? Who even makes it? I scanned the forum and Web only finding a few advertisement. Neal’s got them with the NightWatch Avaritia NA40 SE. If it’s any good I might cut some 2-26650 tubes down.
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And here’s a 75380 battery as big as a fire extinguisher.

You can find anything if you look hard enough.
Nobody cares because you can’t use it in a flashlight.
Only high production cells like 18650 or 26650 have good wh/kg and wh/L because of their development, some random unusual size battery from china will not perform anywhere near as well as a samsung or LG cell.

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Resurrecting an old thread. I noticed Mateminco is selling a 26980 tube combo for the MT04, MT-Y1 and TK04. I assume it’s also compatible with the Astrolux versions. I searched 26980 cells and couldn’t find anything rated above 6,000 mAh.

Since the QB26800 has gained in popularity, delivers a sold 6,500 mAh, is low cost and fresh stock, it still appears to be the king of its realm in this size category. Too bad Queen Battery doesn’t offer a QB26980 cell with 8,000 mAh capacity.

Im very pleased with the QB26800 performance/capacity, and with more flashlights coming onboard to support it.