Good free ray tracer?

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Good free ray tracer?

I used to use Optical Ray Tracer.
But I have a big problem with it – I can’t adjust emission pattern to anything reasonable. It always produces more beams at wide angles than at narrow ones.
LEDs emit the most light at 30 degrees and barely any at more than 45. Here if I try to get half-angle of 80 degree or more – over 90% of beams are at over 45 degrees. After I add optics it skews the beam shape so much that I can’t really take much from it.

I started looking at alternatives. Lens Design Cloud looks good at first sight except that it does only lenses.
There are many ray tracers that are designed for rendering. These could be used but I think drawing 3D lenses from scratch in software that was not meant for optical design would be painful. Especially that I don’t really have any meaningful experience with 3D graphics.

Any suggestions?