Review: NTP40

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Review: NTP40

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Package and appearance

The pencil is packed in the exact same rough black box as the previous model.

 The only difference is in the pattern of silver embossing, somewhat different for each of these two models. In general, although the packaging is clearly good and not cheap, I would not refer it to the luxary one. In any case, it is definetely presentable.

Inside – everything is the same as NTP30. The same orange piece of paper-tip, which describes the main advantages of this model.

Well, here is the pencil itself, defentely decent appearance. At that time there is no tactical component here. Although, if desired, of course, and it can be very painful to stick NTP40 in the side of your opponent.

 I think that it will be right to show both models side by side, Nitecore NTP30 and Nitecore NTP40. In general, there is only one obvious common feature here – this is a clip.

Actually, the latter sits on a pair of torxes and, if desired, it can be removed. Although neither practical nor aesthetic sense, I do not see this. The chamfers of the clip are neatly removed, it will not scratch neither clothes nor fingers.

And if the rest of the pencil is evenly gray, then there are some “tiles” of the pattern on the button. I think that this is some kind of conscious design element, since it is clearly not a defect in grinding or processing.


The opposite part of the handle is covered with a wavy knurling. Actually, grip is comfortable. It is not heavy or uncomfortable, in fact everything is done as it should.

It is clear that when you press the button, the stylus rod moves out.

It would seem a pencil and nothing more, what can be so complicated here? But no, analysis shows that there are a lot of different elements.


By the way, i never before saw such a slate. In fact, this Schmidt Fineminen system. A replaceable module with 4 slatescosts as much as 12 bucks at ebay. On the other hand, absolutely no one bothers you to buy the most common 0.5 slate pencils and insert them inside this module, since it’s completely open from the end, as can be seen in the photo below.

in fact, the lower edge of the button is inserted in the same hole

A tip is screwed on the opposite edge, which is inserted into another external element. So there will be no backlash of the lead. The mechanism becomes monolithic homogeneous.

By the way, apparently, this particular nozzle allows you to turn an ordinary ballpoint pen into a mechanical pencil.

Well, actually, as a pencil writes? I am not a draftsman, and I draw at a level that allows you to understand that this is a wolf, not a trilobite. So here my impression will be exclusively amateur. The stylus is quite soft on the paper, it is definitely convenient to draw. I think that with such a price tag and such a writing module, there should be no questions about ergonomics and the quality of the lead.

Overal impressions

It is clear that this is a very, very niche product. Even more niche than NTK10. Painters, as I understand it, need to change different types of slate in the process of drawing, and here it will be inconvenient. Draftsmen, with the development of all kinds of autocad and similar softwarwe, are likely to have become extinct as a class.

Nevertheless, I am sure that there is a small category of people (the same draftsmen) who, due to nostalgia for pencil times, will be very pleased with such a gift. Maybe there is still some other categories of people, who knows.

After all, the appearance and presentness is at a height here. And the functionality itself is completely wealthy, it is definitely convenient to draw with a pencil. The price tag is far, far from small, but not at all outlined in the background of all Montblanc, Montegrappa and Caran D`ache. But what to say, even Faber Castell has gift models. And if there is – then there is demand. And judging by what I saw in the Nitecore NTP40, this mechanical pencil is not worse than the above competitors. The only difference is in design, here it is expected to be more tactical and Nitecore style)

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