Review: Convoy H1

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Review: Convoy H1

The one of most popular budget flashlight manufacturer has finally produced its first headlamp.
Convoy H1 is L-shaped thing with choie of CW\NW, so it’s worth comparing it with SKILHUNT H03, since over the past three months last one has no coupons and there are chances that Convoy H1 may dethrone Skilhunt H03 (spoiler – no chances)

You can buy Convoy H1 at Aliexpess or Banggood

The latter even (an unprecedented case) provides promotional pictures so, probably, product was created specifically for this store, like Astrolux for Banggood. Let’s see at least some visual specification will be.

CONVOY H1 with coupon GBLED950602 will cost $ 23.99

Package and appearance

A rare situation for Convoy – a relatively decent package, I once saw one for S2 +. Of course, it is clearly worse than all other manufacturers.

Inside, in foam rubber lies head trap,headlamp and clip. Nothing more, neither lanyard, nor instructions.

The head strap is really cheap. I am currently in process of writing review of the pairs of supercheap headlamps from Ali, they have much better headstrap. Convoy H1 headstrap is a seriousl cheap one. No copare with Skilhunt H03, of course

Clip is good, does not scratch anodizing. It has a strap hole, you can hang it if necessary. It’s also good.

Well, here’s the headlamp. Apparently decent, quite at the level of the other convoys. Without some designer frills, but solid and not warped look.

It can be expected that mainly due to the greater (3mm ) thickness of the body, Convoy H1 is not tiny and lightweight.

there is a good comparative photo from this review

As for the weight,s without a battery and with a clip on – 74g, which is about 30g more than the skillhunt h03. almost twice heavier..

The spring from the side of the tail is thick, with a large margin. The spring from the side of the head is thinner, but double.

Convoy h1 can be disassembled into three parts.

thread at the tail is large, rectangular, and smaller triangular at head..

Knurling reminds me of old-time hand granade, with all thee small flat squares inside the main large one. It is clear that in this case it is not very elegant. But , buying Convoy, you likely dont care about aesthetic component of appearance.

Nevertheless, grip is reliable.

Externally, a simple, translucent button here clearly gives out the price category for the Convoy H1 headlamp. Medium sized, moves with a noticeably pronounced click – it is convenient to use. There is an indicator light. It only works on a deep discharge, it starts to glow red. than bliks at deepest discharge level.

At the same time, you can visually evaluate the depth of cooling ribs

you get quick access to insides of head, bezel can be easily unscrewed.

Reflcector is OP. I measured it with glass on, so it should be like 10mm high. not 11.8. my mistake


Of course, good olde XM-L2 on the bottom.

On this, perhaps that all. Convoy H1 is quite in the spirit of all other convoys products. Not the pinnacle of design, just practical and neat inexpensive thing.


Simple, but not too much

On – click, off – on hold

Mode Switching – click

There is instant access to Low from Off – button Hold.



Fllody (not like with TIR on, but still floody) neutral light, quite convenient to close work. I decided replace beamshots here with photos of reall performance , as photos at small distance are alway overexposed.

There is no visible PWM blink in any mode.
*amperage *: 0.028-0.085-0.48-1.65А

Thermoregulation? Laugh? So Turbo mode should be used with caution, the flashlight does not really heats up.


Stabilization … well, the usual chart for the Convoys lights – a smooth decrease in brightness as the battery discharges. No discharge to zero, there is a cutoff somewhere at 2.7v. And somewhere in the same area, the red indicator starts to flash.

 Well, look live, I have done a lots of outdoor pics

It is clear that for work at an arm’s length the brightness is enough. But then there is a clear and huge gap Mid-High. Exactly to fit a mode of about 130-150 lum. Skilhant doesn’t have this problem at all, there’s just bulk brightness levels for any need.

In general, I did not see a significant difference between Skilhunt H03 and Convoy H1 when working with some medium modes. More precisely, there is some difference in the light distribution, but in actual use it, in my opinion, it can be neglected.

Mid is enough for walking without a risk of getting a branch into the eye and flying into a puddle, which is quite normal for unhurried movement.

 Thit is not a thrower, of course, but in need of light somewhere like a dark road it can illuminate far enough.

 In the video review there is also quite illustrative examples of the work of this flashlight in different modes.

Overall impressions. 

upd Sofirn SP40 is way more interestin choice when it is about budget headlamp. Check this full review

Convoy H1 is far from an ideal headlamp, but for its coupon price _I think _that you can turn a blind eye to its CONs, if we are talking about simple everyday use. I would describe it as “well, ok”. Not “oh, not bad, not bad” and certainly not “damn, pack me pair of them!”. Accordingly, the smaller the price gap with H03, the less interesting this model will be.

And the Convoy H1 would definitely be better with small, in fact, and not affecting the price modifications – 100-150 lumens of the mode and a magnet in the end. If the skillhunt was sold at the same price around 28-29$ and if there would not be a coupon for Convoy H1, I would probably add 5-6 bucks and take the H03. Unfortunately, now there is no such option…


By and large, the headlamp is the same usual Convoy s2+ , only in the format of the headlamp. A simple, affordable and practical thing without frills. Something better, the same skillhunt H03 will be significantly more expensive. And something cheaper is the maximum of some kind of boruit. In general, I do not think that in the form in which it is now, Convoy H1 pulls on the title of “people choice headlamp”. But it is quite possible that the next version, if these my comments are taken into account and the price tag remains the same (or drops down, which is better) may become another super popular convoy product.


Of course, H1 will not be predmet of interest for experienced flashaholicks , with its lack of grace of form and control, ordinary output , the lack of a hi-CRI version (although, knowing the wealth of options for convoys – Nichia version may also appear). But a simple user. who is willing to pay an extra 10 bucks relative to boruit or zoomie will receive a light that covers the whole range of everyday household needs.


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thanks for the review, never had a headlight before. Convoy is a good brand, I think I could live with this light if I get a new strap somewhere

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Great review. It’s unfortunate that there is no regulated output. A deal breaker for me.

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Uh, that “80 hours standby time” is a little concerning to me. Does that mean the parasitic drain is insanely high and it will drain the battery in 80 hours while it’s off? Kinda weird that it says that, but 83 hours in ultralow mode.

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That means 80 hours in ultra low mode.

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Could you check standby/OFF leakage current?

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Thanks for the review. Anxiously awaiting for mine to arrive – should be here in a couple days.

I’m leaning towards a driver replacement (likely custom) to gain regulation, temperature control, using the switch LEDs for proper aux functions, and probably RampingIOS for firmware.

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Looks like it have specific reflector size and can’t be replaced with any TIR optics. LED star on glue? .. So it’s unmoddable even more! Driver with no middle modes and stabilization?
Wrong turn convoy , wrong turn…

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CONVOY H1 with coupon GBLED950602 will cost $ 23.99”

But a good quality head strap will cost another 5 to 7 euro. (Like one of Zeabralight, Armytek Niitecore).
That brings the price point exactly the same as the Skillhunt H03.

Personally I find the Eagle Eye X1R (USB Charging ,18350 and 18650 Tube) (with fins coupon 14$)) a better deal. But you also need to buy a head strap with that light. So that headlight would cost around 20$ in total.
The only downside (what I can think of) is that it hasn’t got a ultralow mode.

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Why am I not impressed. I think its the lack of innovation. Call me crazy but I think an 18650 isn’t the future of headlamp cells.

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Simon said he will replace the old style headband with the new style one, for the same price.
We just need to put it in the “Note to seller” that we would like the new style headband when ordering from his AliExpress Store:
Convoy flashlight Store

New Style Headband:
Flashlight headband for convoy H1

Convoy H1 CREE XML2 Multifunctional Flashlight Head Light