Decent MT-G2 Driver ?

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Decent MT-G2 Driver ?



Does anyone have any knowledge about a decent driver for an MT-G2 ? More specifically, it's an 18V MT-G2 fueled by a single 26650 cell setup. I just like this host too much combined with this emitter Smile

What I would be interested in would be a 26mm diameter boost driver with no or at least no visible PWM, hopefully a moonlight mode and if not hidden disco modes, at least none at all.


The host I'm trying to make into a nice all around flashlight with a general purpose beam pattern would be the Civictor T7 and so far I've got it somewhat functional, but.. just barely.

What I've had started with was the flashlight with originally an XP-L HI, bit of a thrower, and an MT-G2 & 1/5 mode cheapo Driver from AliExpress - that got me thinking.. So I've started gutting LOL

Turned out that the MT-G2 was a perfect fit into the T7's reflector and gave me a very nice "old style" beam pattern and a bright flood compared to the hotspot - perfectly usable general purpose and close up beam.

Only thing is the driver that I have is a 12V ~ 15V input (or so the store page says.. ) the modes group is ugly (Hi > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS) and it has visible PWM for Mid & Low - which was to be expected tho.

Also it's the kind of cheap driver that advances a mode for each power cycle regardless of the time spent in the Off position.. So really not very happy there Sad

Apparently it's working even with the one cell to some extent but I'm afraid that it's for one not efficient at all and second, the low mode it's unreliable using only one cell.

Sometimes "Low" it's just fine sitting constantly at around ~3 LM, sometimes just stays sub lumen, sometimes it just slowly ramps and flashes from sub lumen to around the "regular" 3LM.. just like from an imperfect electrical contact - which is not the case, springs are new, load is fairly low and also seems to have no issues putting up with the higher loads from Mid and High..


Ok, so here's pretty much how it looks - externally only for now, as the interior it's a bit.. ugly so far:


Also no beamshots as my phone is doing anything but taking a proper representation of the beam on the wall.. also doing loads of banding.. just looks terrible and nothing like what I'm seeing in front of me.

I'm very happy with the beam, big hotspot, bright flood, low artifacting, no crazy tint shift and a smooth fade corona - there are slight artifacts in the hotspot tho, hence why I've called it an "old style" looking beam.

I only need to find a decent driver for this setup. I just can't find a single cell boost driver for an MT-G2. All I can find it's single cell for XHP50 & XHP70. I know it's not the most efficient LED out there, but.. it's.. BIG

And to dream a bit further, this host & emitter combo + a side switch and the Sofirn C8F UI.. Yummy! If only.



EDIT: Well, at least some shots in the back yard seem to be half decent.. Smile


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