[Review] Video Niwalker MM6S

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[Review] Video Niwalker MM6S

Will also disassemble it and take pictures, but Niwalker wanted some progress on the review

a lot lumens from 21700
the unanodizerd light does not wear off leaving grey residue on hands
very low moonlight

The UI seems very strange but in line with other Niwalker lights, personally I do not like it

The 21700 tube is too short, cell got dented a lot on positive side
UI description is a bit weird, also some function diagrams seem not easy to understand
switching brightness levels goes through an off cycle
Mode spacing is not good, 200, 400, 800 too close and then big gap to turbo
Strange Cree WL6 LED in manual and datasheet
the optics get partially covered by the bezels, bezels are also very deep so light gets lost especially when the black light is used

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Hey Lexel the video is unlisted meaning people can’t find it unless they use this link?