WUBENLight GiveAway Time: Screenshot to get a WUBEN E10. No way!(Close)

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WUBENLight GiveAway Time: Screenshot to get a WUBEN E10. No way!(Close)

The 3 winners are:

#2— x-ray
#74— duramax

Congrats to all winners Beer Beer Beer Please send PM me for shipping instructions ASAP



Hello to all of WUBEN’s friends here in BLF., it is really a headache for me to choose what model to give away to you guys.kiss

How about the most popular one among you guys? Which one is the most popular one? You guys to decide.

Now we would like to launch another #WubenGiveAway to find out the most popular WUBEN products.

Visit our website(www.wubenlight.com), screenshot the one you like best, and comment below to help us find out.

To encourage you guys, we will give away 3 sets of our new product WUBEN E10(http://www.wubenlight.com/product/1040.


We also lauch giveaway on ourFacebook, if you have facebook account, you can also participate that on facebook.



Giveaway rules:

1. Participant needs to screenshot your favorite WUBEN product and comment below,

comment format: ScreenshotOfWubenProduct+#NumberOfYourTurn+Otherwords.

2. The 3 giveaway winners will be picked on Bejing time 12:00pm 4:00pm  June 14th on www.random.org out from all participants.


Enjoy and good luck to all of you!!!cool

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  1. 1

My favorite is not only a screenshot, but a real Wuben light!

Look at how the T70’s XHP70.2 NW brings out the details of the subject , IMO, a perfect combination with an orange-peel reflector, a gloriously smooth, wide hotspot of neutral white led goodness. Both shots at 60ft (18mt) away.

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My vote goes to the Wuben E05

A great little EDC light – Only wish Wuben would make a warm white version Smile

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Well, I like the Wubens: TO46R, TO10R and the E05 (I wish I had the TLF version, though)!
But the light that stands out in my collection is the Wuben T70: beautiful and powerful, reliable and well built!
Thanks for this Giveaway and for your new products Wink

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TO50R HC would be my favourite….

  • powerful
  • compact
  • 21700
  • with powerbank

But it weighs too much.

So for me the winner is G338.

I like nice titanium neck lights. Smile


Thank you Wuben! Smile

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Here is my wuben FL Big Smile

Wuben E05

More picture on above link.

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Still looking for a good AA/14500 light. I’ve read good things about the E05 so I’ve been keeping an eye on it for a while now. Thanks for the GAW!

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This looks like the best for my kind of usage tbh.

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I’m seeing a trend here…

Thanks a lot!

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Not a screenshot but a quick pic of one of my best light purchased this year… solid piece of gear, high CRI, rechargeable, love it !

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I think this light is interesting.

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My vote goes to the Wuben T70

Sorry for my poor english.

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Wuben TP50R is probably my favorite. Since it’s not on the website my second favorite by the slimmest of margins is the E05.

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#14. My vote goes to the Wuben E05.

Apart from the time of usage, today’s 14500 lights equal yesterday’s 18650 lights as an EDC.

Edit: and it has a nice SS bezel. And I added a number.

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My vote goes to the Wuben TO46R

Nice EDC with Nichia leds

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I like the A21. I’ve been itching to try a 21700 light.

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Wuben T040R. But I'd prefer a different LED, and shorter length.

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my favorite. Don’t know why I don’t have one yet.

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Yea, I’m also into the E05

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The E05 is a definite favorite of mine, and I’ve turned on several guys at work to it. I frequently carry it in my jeans pocket. My only gripes are the long-press for off and cold-white emitter (which I swap out). I’m anxiously waiting for my TO50R to arrive, though. This is post #21, so I suppose that makes me #20 in line?

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I would love one of the A21. Very nice.

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My favourite is the T70 Camouflage.

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That's an easy choice.

It's the only one with a tail switch!

Plus, it's the one in this giveaway...

Thanks for the giveaway, WubenLight!

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WUBEN T105 PRO 1500 Lumens Long Range Flashlight
I love this design!

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Wuben T70 in Warm White



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— #27 —

The TO46R is probably the best flooder I’ve got.

And my i332s look nice and Star Tracky. LOL

And the E-series keychain/necklace lights always get “Ooh, lemme see!“s from people.

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WUBEN G342 Mini flashlight 130 lumens
I love all mi-mi-mini Love

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I dont have any Wuben light/s so cant speak about favorite light but I would like to try T102Pro


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    Lt 35  good looking light



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This looks like a great light, it can take many form factors plus puts out incredible lumens!

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