18A 3v Driver?

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18A 3v Driver?

I've been working on a lightsaber for quite a while, though due to my mission for a super-bright end result, I find myself more often than not looking to the flashlight community for advice/resources. Thanks, btw, for all the help guys, I've gotten a long ways with all the resources and information I've found here.


Currently, I'm running a single luminus SSR-90-R (datasheet) with a single 32700 LiFePO4 (test page), which all fits inside a nicely hand-sized chassis. Until it lights your hand on fire :P.

Now, if I want to run the led 2.8v @18A, I could just search up mouser for a 0.01-something resistor like I've been doing so far, BUT, that initial few seconds shown on the charts when the cell drops from fully charged at 3.65v to around 3.01v could easily burn out my $70 led.


I could, of course, just not fully charge the battery, but still, at 0.01ohms, there's very little room for error. I'd like some sort of current-limiting driver that can handle absurdly high current at low voltage with an equally low-voltage source. Is this a thing that exists?

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i think you should contact Lexel for custom driver, that led is expensive and hard to drive

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You can put multiple linear drivers in parallel (led4power has good ones).

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linear FET driver, but at those currents the FET needs to be heatsinked