Test/review of Eizfan C2 USB Charger, USB supplement

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Test/review of Eizfan C2 USB Charger, USB supplement

Eizfan C2 USB Charger, USB supplement
This review will only be about the USB output, i.e. power bank function in the charger.
Read the original review for charge functions here
I first charger I got had a production fault and the USB output did not work. Eizfan shipped a new charger to me and this time the USB output worked.
Power bank

  • USB output is coded as Apple 1A
  • USB output will turn off after 10 seconds with less than 80mA load
  • Battery drain is below 0.1mA when USB output turns off.

With one battery the charger can deliver about 1.6A current on the USB output.
With two batteries the current is 2.2A
With a 10ohm (0.5A) load the charger can maintain output for about 3 hours with one battery and nearly 7 hours with two batteries
The batteries are disconnected at about 3.1V
At 5ohm (1A) it is a bit above 1 hour with one battery and 3 hours with two batteries.
There is 16mV rms noise and 195mVpp noise.
There is 36mV rms noise and 269mVpp noise.
From the first review: As a charger it works fine with both LiIon and NiMH.
The USB output handles 1A with one battery and 2A with two batteries and it can maintain output until the batteries are empty, but the coding is a bit old and only reports 1A
Both charge and USB power bank is good.
The charger was supplied by Eizfan (Efan) for review.
Here is an explanation on how I did the above charge curves: How do I test a charger
Read more about how I test USB power supplies/charger

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