Great experiences with Simon da Shockli

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Great experiences with Simon da Shockli

Hello guys!!! I would like to report my great shopping experiences with Shoclki’s Simon … I live in Brazil and things here do not happen very easily, there are many restrictions in my country and many products that I wish to buy from abroad are not delivered due to these facts. When I find the batteries I need, stores do not ship to Brazil. Because of this, I went to Shockli’s Simon, and always very attentive, he always worked out a way to solve my problems. In some of my purchases, Shockli 26650 5500mah (an execlente battery, use in the D4S) he sent me the request and arrived in 7 days.
Now again, I needed his support and just as I understood right away, in that case I bought the famous Shockli 18350 1150 mah ( )% 202018% 20UK.html) … another excellent battery to use in a Manker E14 II … as per the HKJ (BLF) test.
I recommend the product! Thank you Simon!