Review: Convoy L2 (XHP 50.2 version)

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Review: Convoy L2 (XHP 50.2 version)

Convoy L2 In its original canonical form (with XML-2 LED), was virtually no alternative flashlight for those who wanted to get a good throw and ling runtime without paying 50+ bucks. Then XPL-L came to replace XML2, and now there is also version with unexpected XHP 50.2.

You can buy Convoy L2 at

Package and appearance

As L2 body itself has been reviewed A LOT of time, i`ll not tell anything new here, but I also cannot skip this part.

The L2 package, like the L6, is as far from those white disposable wipes, in which all the other convoys (S2 + \ C8, etc.) travel, as well as from decent bright packages of any brand lanterns. You should not be surprised – all this is to keep the price as low as possible.

And from the standpoint of protecting the content, it’s generally wonderful – the cardboard is very thick. You get all you need: a flashlight, o-rings, a grip ring, a lanyard and a small packet with two magnets to place between the batteries

The appearance of the flashlight remained unchanged. This is all the same 2×26650 thing, different from the L6 only in head diameter. There is no high design at all. Everything is simple and practical. Few flashlights could be sold without changes for about 5 years, Convoy L2 could. I think that is definitely due to the fact that the target audience of the Convoys do not care about design, so long as flashlight works well and costs as low as possible – and all this is about convoy.

The design is extremely simple and is tied to maximum utility and cost savings. No frills here. In addition to the printed model name, you get nothing.

As for the size, here’s a vivid example. In its time it was “Wow!”. Envy of neighbors and pride in owning a “BIG flashlight.” There a huge flashlight like BLF GT and stuff like that in market, and the size of L2 looks completely regular.

And in its short-tube version.

The button move is deep, with a noticeable click.

The springs on the tailcap and on the side of the head are of medium thickness.

The threads are neat, normally lubricated. In general, although the design here is simple, I can not fault the machinizing

Another significant advantage of the Convoy L2 (at least in its classic version) is the ability to work from one battery. In this form, the flashlight becomes radically more compact and you can already carry on talking about some kind of pocket wear. And though XHP50.2 doesn`t work that way as driver requires 2 batteries, I`ll still took pics for Convoy XHP 50.2 review.

There is an important point. The place for tactical grip support is closed by a ring. And if it is accidentally lifted a couple of turns of thread, then the contact of the tailcap will be lost. Once, with L6, I was sure that I received a defective flashlight, only then that I noticed that this ring was raised a couple of millimeters.

With that ring on, grip is much more reliable.

Knurling is medium size, classic rhombic, quite tenacious due to concentric grooves.

The grip is quite comfortable, the L2 is well balanced, even in the 1×26650 version.

The finning of the head is excellent, the ribs are deep and numerous. Given the fact that there is no pill, and the MCPB lies directly on the parrt of the head, the heat sink is excellent. And, taking into account the dimensions of the flashlight, It can dissolve heat on 100% mode even in XHP50.2 version, without making your hand French fried.

Again, the famous advantage of all Convoy flashlights is the exceptional friendliness of all models for customization , often at the ordering stage – a Simon may well handle some unusual asks to fit your requirements. Access to all parts of the flashlight is elementary. The bezel twists easily. There, under glass (as usually, anti-glare coated) is a smooth reflector with XHP50.2 at the bottom.


On-off by pressing button.
switching modes with quick half or full presses. 2 click strobe

There is mode memory


XHP50.2, especially not in a dedomed form is far from the most throwing LEDs. But, of course, in pair with a fairly large SMO reflector, this flashlight will throw quite well and due to the large brightness it can even top the old version on XML2. At the same time, the light distribution is such that side light makes this flashlight convenient even for close range work. In short, it turns out a good search flashlight with functional side light and reasonable throw. Searchlight. Not real “piercer”, but searchlight.

If you need precisely long-range “awl”, then I would recommend to pay attention to the XPL-Hi version of this model. But as it is, this flashlight cannot be reproached for the absence of long-range potential; in the photo below it will be clearly seen.

The photo below clearly shows the difference Convoy S11 with the same LED. Of course, you can choose a different color temperature. The 6500K version will be like 10% brighter, the point is that the cold light has the worst penetrating power and at a long distance all this slight difference in brightness will disappear, if not worse.

There is no visible PWM blink in any mode.

consumption currents measured on the battery 0.035A-0.2A-1.05-3.2A

The runtime of Convoy L2 quite reminds the same of L6. At some initial stage, the brightness is even, then it slips as batteries discharges. At 100 mode , rapid stepdown willprobably be seen with the naked eye, but at 30% mode drop will be so slow that you will not see it. 7 hours of almost the same brightness – this is really nice, especially given the fact that it will be quite bright and penetrating light with good side illumination. Main difference for me is that though technically L6 is brighter, in reality that makes less sense as it gets too hot to hold barehand quite soon , unlike L2 which remains comfortably warm for all the time.

By modern standards, the flashlight does not hit the long range. But with a good combination of optics and LED, the convoy L2 works quite well to a distance of half a kilometer. And very few people need light at a greater distance, you see.

0.1% – in this mode, the flashlight will work for a long time. Really long. The brightness at the same time will be such , that in the open air you `ll see a quite clear within 10-15 meters range.

3% is a decent mode, with which you can safely move around. You can light the bushes, and on the road a few tens of meters around you. There is still no real brightness here, but as you can see in the photos below, the mode is really useful. At 50m it gives clearly visible light. Runtime will be extremely long. I really like this mode, check video below to see what it looks like alive.

30% is already quite bright, with decent throw. You can rely on this mode in all of regular cases.

*100% *- well…ok within 500m range. bright. throwy. powerfull mode.
For almost any domestic situation, this is redundant mode.




*400m *is quite a feasible distance, but still it is already on the verge of useful range. You can see something further, but with a significant loss of detail.

Check my video review, there is alive shooting at the end.

Overall impressions.

specific model that is logical addition to XPL-Hi version of L2 series.. I did not have the opportunity to compare it with the classic XML-2, nor with the new XPL-Hi. I think that the Convoy XHP50.2 will be definitely no weaker than the first one in terms of throw, while having more brightness and sidelight.

Flashlight is not a classic long-range piercer, here you need the XPL-Hi version. But less penetrating power is compensated by good sidelight, which makes the flashlight more convenient for close work. And in some situations this should also give some comfort to working at a distance.

+ price
+ brightness
+ build quality
+time tested
+ sidelight
+ runtime

- don’t see one, actually. really good deal for the buck…if you know what kind of light you`re looking for.

there are really few XHP 50.2 with SMO reflectors so L2 will may be even the only one choice here )

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