[Review] - Nitecore BR35 bike light 1800 lumen Dual LED - by Lock

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[Review] - Nitecore BR35 bike light 1800 lumen Dual LED - by Lock

Hello everyone !!! With this review we will see the Nitecore BR35: a powerful bicycle flashlight powered by two embedded 18650 cells and capable of developing on the Turbo Level, with its two LEDs, 1800 lumens. Here you can find information of the company while qui you can see in detail the product. The light was sent by Nitecore for the specific review. 

Packaging and content:
The Nitecore BR35 comes in a rigid black cardboard box with all the main information printed on it. The package includes:

• Flashlight Mount
• Micro USB cable for charging
• Remote switch
• Nitecore warranty Card
• Multi language manual

Main features
• Rechargeable bicycle light with dual distance beam
• Utilizes 2 CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs to emit a maximum output of 1800 lumens
• Uses a diffuse reflection board to illuminate the blind spot under foot with short range beam (Patented No.: ZL201220314015.1)
• Onboard OLED display
• Built-in 6800mAh Li-ion battery
• Intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit (via Micro-USB charging port)
• 3 modes available for different scenarios
• Remote switch provides convenient operation
• 4 brightness levels and 1 special function available
• A maximum beam intensity up to 7750cd and a maximum beam distance up to 176 meters
• High efficient constant circuit with runtime up to 17 hours
• Flood lighting system provides 100°lighting angle
• Optic lens with anti-reflective coating
• Advanced Temperature Regulation module
• Crystal Coating Technology combined with “Precision Digital Optics Technology” for extreme reflector performance
• Die cast unibody full metal housing
• In accordance with IPX7 waterproof
• 1.5m impact resistance
• Size: 109.3mm×48.9mm×40.9mm(4.3”×1.93”×1.61”)
• Weight: 234.5g(battery is included)(8.27oz)

Output Levels and Runtime
The Nitecore BR35 has 4 normal brightness levels + 1 special level.

Dual LED (Main + Secondary)
• Turbo: 1800lm (measured 1860lm) – 1h
• High: 1015lm (measured 1020lm) – 2h30min
• Mid: 615 lm (measured 620lm) – 4h
• Low: 300 lm (measured 350lm) – 8h

Main LED
• Turbo: 1000lm (measured 990lm) – 1h
• High: 550lm (measured 530lm) – 2h30min
• Mid: 330 lm (measured 325lm) – 4h
• Low: 180 lm (measured 190lm) – 8h

Secondary LED
• Turbo: 800lm (measured 843lm) – 2h
• High: 465lm (measured 470lm) – 5h45min
• Mid: 285lm ((measured 280lm) – 8h30min
• Low: 150 lm ((measured 158lm) – 17h

Following you can see the runtime curve using both LEDs

User Interface
The User Interface is simple and easy to remember. There is an OLED display that show all information of output levels and modes

Turn on: When the light is off, press and hold the power switch (M) for about 1.5 seconds to turn on the light. Upon start the OLED screen will display the current mode and then the word “NITECORE” (When the light is on, the OLED screen will display the current mode, brightness level and runtime)

Turn off: When the light is on, press and hold the power switch (M) to turn off the light. NOTE: BR35 has a memory function that memorizes the previously used mode andbrightness level. It will automatically enterthe memorized mode and brightness the nexttime it is turned on.

Mode Selection
The BR35 can be set to any of the three modes (CITY/ROAD/TRAIL) to suit different riding scenarios.

Switching mode When the light is off, hold and press the power switch(M), the OLEDnscreen will cycle through “CITY-ROAD-TRAIL”. When the desired mode shows up on the screen, release the switch to select and activate that mode.

CITY Mode: Designed for urban riding. In CITY mode, the light defaults to the short-range beam. Tapping the power switch(M) will turn on the long-range beam momentarily for 3 seconds. The OLED screen will display a countdown. The long-range beam will shut off automatically after that.

ROAD Mode: Designed for road riding. In ROAD mode, the light defaults to the shortrange beam. Tapping the power switch(M) will switch the light to the long-range beam.n Every tapping on the power switch(M) alternates the output between the short-range beam and the long-range beam.

TRAIL Mode: Designed for outdoor riding. In TRAIL mode, both the short range and longrange beams are turned on simultaneously. Tapping the power switch (M) once turns off the long-range beam. Tapping the switch again to go back to the dual beams.

Changing brightness levels
When the light is on, tap the Level Up Button(+) to increase the brightness level up to Turbo(LEVEL 4); and tap the Level Down Button(-) to decrease the brightness level down to Low(LEVEL 1).

Instant access to Turbo/Low
Instant access to Turbo: when the light is on, press and hold the Level Up Button(+) to enter Turbo mode instantly.

Instant access to Low: when the light is on, press and hold the Level Down Button(-) to enter Low mode instantly.

Caution Light
Turn On: When the light is off, if the light is set to the CITY or ROAD mode, pressing and holding both level up and level down buttons activates the caution light. The short-range beam emits warning light at the brightness level of its memorized level. If the light is set to the TRAIL mode, pressing and holding the level up and level down buttons simultaneously will also activate the caution light when both long and short-range beams emit warning light at the brightness level of its memorized level. (After the caution light is turned on, the OLED screen ill display a triangle icon as notification)

Turn Off: After the caution light is turned on, press and hold the power switch(M) to turn it off.

Remote Switch
The function of the remote switch is the same as the power switch(M). The use of the remote switch is optional.

Advanced Temperature Regulation
With Advanced Temperature Regulation module, the BR35 regulates its output and adapts to the ambient environment, maintaining optimal performance.

The body and the materials
The Nitecore BR35 is a bicycle torch made entirely of extremely compact and robust aluminum. It is powered by two internal LG 18650 3400mAh batteries (non-removable) in 2P configuration to form a 6800mah battery pack. 

The main feature is the presence of two LED emitters: the first, the main LED, for long distances and the second secondary LED, with a flood beam for short distances.

On the upper part we find three rubber buttons to interact with the interface and an OLED display that allows the user to see in real time the output level used and the chosen mode as well as the battery charge level.

The switches are reactive and precise, at the pressure they emit a slight "click" and all three contain two small blue status LEDs inside

The optical part is composed of two Cree XM-L2 LEDs in the Cool version. The main LED has a smooth mirror polished parabola, a lens with anti-reflective treatment well protected by a satin steel bezel.

The secondary LED also has a SMO reflector, smaller than the previous one, and with anti-reflective treatment. In this case there is no bezel but despite this the lens is equally protected by a small metal plate clamped to the torch body with 4 torx screws.

Below the main LED we find a white plastic part that helps to reflect the secondary LED light downwards, where it is needed.

In the front there are a series of dissipation fins that allow excellent heat dissipation. Some grooves are present around the body.

Sideways, well protected by a rubber cap, there is the Micro USB charging port. A full charge cycle takes about 4 hours if you use a USB power supply capable of supplying 5V 2A.

Officially the dimensions of the light are 109.3 x 48.9 x 40.9 mm with a weight of 234.5 g of weight. Not really a small and light flashlight but considering that inside there are 2x 18650 cells this is justified.

Installing the BR35 on the bike is a very simple operation. Nitecore supplies 4 rubber pads that act as shims. These combined together allow the torch to be fixed on bicycle handlebars of any diameter. The teeth on these shims guarantee excellent grip and allow the torch to remain firmly in place on the handlebar and always remain in place.

To install the Nitecore BR35 on the support, just slide it into the slide until it clicks. The extraction is very fast, just lower the lever and pull the torch away.

Included is also provided a beautiful remote contact that allows you to emulate the "M" button of the torch. This is fixed by means of a tear strip and connected to the torch directly in the micro-USB port.

Anodizing is perfect, smooth and slightly opaque. The lettering well done and well centered. The build quality is impeccable, the materials are of quality, abundant thicknesses.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots

The Nitecore BR35 has two lighting sources: 2xCREE XM-L2 CW LEDs equipped with a SMO reflector of different sizes. The characteristics of the beam allow the use of the torch in different scenarios. We have a Short Range beam for short distances that should help prevent glare from those coming in front of us, while the Long Range beam has a range of about 200 meters.
If the two beams are activated at the same time, so much light is available both in the short and in the long distance. I find this option very convenient for example for offroad.
The tint is cool and uniform over the whole beam. No particular changes or artifacts are visible.

To follow some Nightshots with the light mounted on a bike.

Final considerations
The Nitecore BR35 is a quality product: quality materials, finishes with attention to detail, abundant thicknesses. The build quality is excellent and really looks like a sturdy torch.

The dimensions and the weight are not very contained but justified by the fact that the BR35 has inside 2x 18650 3400mAh batteries. It is a pity that the cells are not removable, even though with a little manual work the torch can be easily opened to allow desoldering and cell replacement.

The Turbo level is really powerful especially if you use both light sources. Lots of light both in the immediate vicinity and in the distance. The average level is more than enough to travel safely at medium speed on the road, while the Low level can be used to make yourself visible.

The runtimes are excellent thanks to the powerful 6800mAh battery pack (2x18650 LG in 2P configuration). The regulation is excellent, with good ventilation the output tends to remain constant. Excellent heat dissipation thanks to the monoblock body and the abundant presence of dissipation fins. The ATR system works well and regulates the output in the event of overheating.

The user interface is complete, there are three modes of use, direct access to the Turbo and to the Low level, 4 normal output levels + 1 special callable, possibility of choosing between "Short Range" and "Long Range" beam.

Convenient display to view real-time all the information on the current output, the mode of use chosen and the amount of battery charge. Convenient standard micro-USB charging port that allows you to recharge the torch in about 4 hours.

The installation of the handlebar support is very simple, it only takes a few seconds. The coupling / release system is safe and allows the torch to be assembled / disassembled in an instant.

What I would like to see in future versions: the upgrade with better performing LEDs such as XP-L, or if we want to exaggerate with the XHP70.2 or the XHP50.2, charging interface with TypeC, removable 21700 cells, neutral tint and a frosted lens for the LED with Short Range

This Nitecore BR is a valid and quality product, certainly to be recommended !!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Great review, thank you. I’m happy to see more bike lights reviews since cycling season started. Anyway, these brand handlebar lights seem to me a little overpriced. Since I’m sceptical to pay this much money I used to build my own. For like $120 I can build 3-4 lights which together beat this one in scope of sustainable light amount and beam configuration options.